Software Mogul Fugitive John McAfee: Still Crazy After All These Years

Anyone familiar with the crazy saga of John McAfee can tell you the guy might not be playing with a full deck. The former programmer for NASA who developed the first anti-virus program, he’s also been on the run for some time in connection of the murder of his neighbor in the jungle compound of Belize.

The Insane Life of a Silicon Valley Fugitive to Become a Movie

When I first read the story of John McAfee, you could practically see the movie in your head. It’s too insane of a story for Hollywood to pass up. McAfee was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who made a fortune, became very paranoid, fled to the jungle, became heavily armed, and may have killed somebody. 

The life of a fugitive software king

The name John McAfee isn’t as well known as Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs, but apparently his story is wild and fascinating enough to make a big screen movie.

McAfee arrives in US after deportation

Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee, wanted in connection with a murder in Belize, has arrived in Miami after being deported by Guatemala.

McAfee founder wanted in connection with island murder

Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee is wanted by police in Belize after the murder of his American neighbor.