Horror Still Rules the Box Office

Several months back, the word of mouth on The Conjuring was pretty good, and the trailer looked pretty scary too. But we had no idea it would actually do better at the box office than Pacific Rim and The Lone Ranger.

The top genre films of 2012

2012 had only a few truly disappointing films, so ranking them all becomes a tough call in some cases.

The worst genre films of 2012

It's always fun to read best and worst lists at the end of the year, and the worst lists are often the most enjoyable.

The pros and cons of CGI

It’s great that there are still amazing make-up artists in the business like Rick Baker despite the wide prevalence of CGI in Hollywood. 

In the aftermath of John Carter

It's been a year of major ups and downs at the movies, where the winners and losers were pretty clear. 

Is Hollywood rethinking genre reboots?

Whenever someone says they’re tried of genre remakes and reboots, it’s definitely preaching to the converted, but what can any of us do?

From John Carter to Tarzan

Even though Hollywood often seems like it is out of ideas, there are still plenty of franchises in the vaults waiting to be reborn, and then rebooted a scant 10 years later.

John Carter director heads to safer waters

Everybody in Hollywood loves to act as if taking risks is a great thing. 

Yes, it’s great when taking a risk really pays off and makes a ton of money.

The Avengers now #3 movie of all time

We all knew from the tracking reports that The Avengers would be a big movie, but the film has actually been insanely successful.

Yes, Battleship completely tanked

As bad as the economy's been lately, and as much as there are a lot of people who need a gig, I'm really quite thankful I don't work at Universal.

First reviews for Brave are in

There should definitely be a lot of showbiz punditry surrounding Pixar's Brave.

Celebrating the drive-in

Several weeks ago, we ran a report that John Carter, which died a horrible death at the box office, got a little boost with some help from The Avengers. 

Is John Carter ready for a second chance?

John Carter came out on DVD and Blu-ray on June 5, and while there's no word yet how it's doing, there are many out there who liked the movie and want to see it get a second chance. 

The tattoos of John Carter on Blu-ray

John Carter comes to Blu-ray on June 5th. Here’s a chance to win a copy for yourself.

The lessons of Battleship

Whenever someone drops a bomb, there's usually fall out. When John Carter tanked, the chairman of Disney got the boot, and who knows what the long-term repercussions over Battleship are going to be at Universal. 

The Men in Black are back

As you read often here on TG, everyone loves to be an armchair quarterback when it comes to genre movies. 

Battleship: $200 million under the sea

We're not even halfway through the year and already the second biggest cliffhanger at the box office is over. 

Facing down Battleship and John Carter

It must have been an anxiety filled year for Taylor Kitsch.

Could The Avengers save John Carter?

Reaction to The Avengers has been the exact polar opposite of John Carter, which is really quite a shame because genre fans really did enjoy the movie in spite of its less than stellar reviews and dreadful box office returns.

The cost of a modern genre blockbuster

If you were around in the 1970’s, you may recall there was a lot of anger near the close of the decade when a lot of movies were going over budget.