First official Robocop 2014 trailer is online now

Joel Kinnaman is the man ever since he broke through with Snabba Cash in Europe and The Killing in the US. Robocop could propel him into the A list, but the first official trailer doesn't quite make you geek out. See what you think.

Robocop rumors hit the web

You should always be careful what rumors you choose to repeat, because especially in this day and age, a rumor can go pretty far before it’s debunked. 

Robocop reboot is on track

The RoboCop reboot is moving forward with Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) in the lead role with Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) directing. 

Robocop: Yesterday and tomorrow

The upcoming remake of Robocop is apparently moving full speed ahead. Joel Kinnaman, from the AMC show The Killing, and who also recently had a role in Safe House, will be playing the title role.

Arthur and Lancelot roles filled

Director David Dobkin has cast the leads for his upcoming film, Arthur and Lancelot.