Towards a new animated Star Wars series

It’s been a bizarre time of ups and downs in the Empire. The franchise is of course starting up again with JJ Abrams at the helm, but at the same time Lucas Arts shut down, bringing an end to the (current round of) Star Wars video games, while the Clone Wars animated series was also cancelled.

Revolution is back strong

Just when the show Revolution was really hitting its stride, it went on hiatus. A scenario like this would probably be a disaster for many shows, just like moving around a time slot would end up losing your audience as well.

JJ Abrams talks Star Wars

Star Trek Into Darkness is nearly upon us, and the veil of secrecy will soon be lifted for good.

Star Wars secrets revealed?

I often joke that the internet is a peerless source of accurate information because in many cases, it’s really anything goes.

On the eve of Star Trek Into Darkness

We’re still a few months away from the May 17 release of Star Trek Into Darkness, and even with everything tightly under lock and key, there’s still reports slipping out here and there on the movie.

Star Trek the Video Game: Improving the Gorn

Even if you’re a Trekkie, you have to admit the Gorn was a pretty silly monster. You know, the funny battle Captain Kirk had with the lizard in the loincloth.

Revolution set to return

Since it first debuted on NBC last September, Revolution has been a big success, and it was a great idea for a show. For many genre classics, like I Am Legend, the launching point usually begins with two simple words: "What if…"

Why Mark Wahlberg passed up Star Trek

This year feels like it’s been flying by pretty fast, which means the next Star Trek movie will be upon us before we know it on May 17.

JJ Abrams straddles two incredible sci-fi worlds

JJ Abrams has plenty on his plate with the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 17.

Behind Star Trek - the video game

We’re still a few months away from Star Trek Into Darkness, which comes out on May 17, but there’s the prequel graphic novel, and soon there will be the video game to tide us over until the movie finally hits theaters.

Will the Next Star Wars film be a family affair?

In recent days, rumors have been circulating that the original stars of Star Wars, namely Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and especially Harrison Ford, are planning to come back for the upcoming film.

Will John Williams return for JJ Abrams's Star Wars?

With JJ Abrams now officially on board for Star Wars, the rumors about who could be coming back to the Empire have been hitting the web fast and furious.

More Khan-fusion with Star Trek Into Darkness

Didn’t we straighten all this out already with the Star Trek villain? 

JJ Abrams working to adapt Half Life and Portal

It’s a sad song we sing all too often. Where’s the great video game movie?

The Star Trek Into Darkness app

As we anxiously await the next Star Trek film, there’s a few things we can do to keep ourselves occupied before May 17.

Second Revolution webisode is here

The JJ Abrams helmed Revolution was the big surprise hit of 2012, and its ratings have remained relatively steady since its debut last September.

Saying goodbye to Fringe one last time

No one can deny that Fringe had a good run. Five seasons and 100 episodes is certainly nothing to scoff at this days, especially as networks are all too eager cancel genre shows if the ratings aren't through the roof.

Star Wars 3D conversions on hold

So now JJ Abrams is officially aboard to helm the next Star Wars film, and he’ll be making a big leap from one amazing sci-fi franchise to another.

Will JJ Abrams keep on Trekkin'?

So everyone on planet earth and beyond knows JJ Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie, but now there is a big elephant in the room. Will he be back for more Star Trek movies?

Can JJ Abrams handle Star Wars?

Yes, JJ Abrams is going to be the director of the next Star Wars movie.