Next Star Wars May Not Totally Rely on CGI

So many of us are sick and tired of CGI and the fact that it’s replaced many practical effects. Bad CGI can look too rubbery and cartoony, where back in the old days you had to work very hard to create something with practical effects, and really earn your victory fooling an audience.

Star Wars and Interstellar Casting News

Besides the second coming of Star Wars, there’s another major geek event on the horizon: Interstellar. I know, it’s not a remake of another movie, video game or TV show, but it is the next movie Christopher Nolan is making post-Batman, and we’re dying to see what he’ll come up with next. 

Despite Comic Con Rumors, JJ Abrams Is Still Helming Star Wars

We try not to pay attention to rumors here at TG, there’s a lot of them out there, and they’re usually nonsense. But in the age of the internet, it is indeed amazing how fast a rumor can get out there and be assumed as fact.

On JJ Abrams Reviving Rod Serling's Last Screenplay

We didn’t have the term “show runner” back in the day, but Rod Serling was absolutely one of the first. The Twilight Zone was his baby, and everybody knew he wasn’t just the host, but the key creative force behind it. News is, via the Hollywood Reporter, that JJ Abrams will be adapting Serling’s last screenplay: The Stops Along the Way.

Blocking Guns From Your 3D Printer

JJ Abrams, who we all know as the current mastermind behind Star Trek and Lost, recently mentioned to Howard Stern that he has a 3D printer in his office, and considering you can practically make anything short of a real human being with a 3D printer, it seems like it would be really cool to have one.

Star Trek Into Darkness on track for a huge weekend

While we’re not exactly that thrilled about how a movie’s box office performance has become a big horse race with the public, it’s often fun to track how a movie does when it finally hits the theaters.

On the eve of Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams tells all

It’s taken four years to finally get to this point, but Star Trek Into Darkness is several days away from hitting theaters, and the reviews are pretty positive overall.

Star Trek Into Darkness: Lens flare and merchandise madness

Star Trek Into Darkness, the long awaited follow up to JJ Abrams’s reinvention of the classic sci-fi franchise, will finally be here in IMAX on May 15, and everywhere else on May 16, a day earlier than the original release date.

More Star Wars secrets spill

So we know the next Star Wars movie is supposed to be top, top secret, that’s a given. But some people involved in the next film just can’t seem to help themselves, and quite a few people  like Carrie Fisher also have diplomatic immunity.

Will Star Trek Into Darkness fly worldwide?

Star Trek Into Darkness is now two weeks away from hitting theaters, and along with Iron Man 3 it should help make this summer a rather memorable blockbuster season.

John Williams may pen the next Star Wars score

As much as we’d love to know everything there is to know about the new Star Wars movie, there may not be all that much official information right now.

Carrie Fisher on her return to Star Wars

We all know by now that the original Star Wars trio of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are returning to the next movie in the series, which is currently due for release in 2015.

Before the dawn of Star Trek Into Darkness

We’re just about three weeks away from Star Trek Into Darkness, and soon the public will be making the final decision whether it was worth the wait or not.

More Stephen King headed to TV with the help of JJ Abrams

We’re big fans of time travel stories here on TG, and Stephen King wrote one titled  "11/22/63," the fateful day when Kennedy was killed.

Reviews for the Star Trek video game are in

Several days ago, the reviews finally got out in the geek-o-sphere for the next Star Trek movie, and so far they’re pretty good.

Will JJ Abrams have enough time for Star Wars and Star Trek 3?

Dynamos like JJ Abrams are practically their own industries, constantly churning out hit movies and TV shows, and his workload’s about to get a lot heavier taking on the Star Wars universe.

Star Trek Into Darkness: First reviews are in

We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now, and finally here it is. While the trade reviews aren’t in yet, apparently the very first reactions are out in the geek-o-sphere for Star Trek Into Darkness. So was it worth the wait?

Disney says there will be a new Star Wars film every year

With the announcement that Disney would be making more Star Wars films came a lot of rumors, as would be expected in the geek-o-sphere.

Who will compose the score for JJ Abrams's Star Wars?

There are many directors who have worked in tandem with composers throughout their careers. Alfred Hitchcock had Bernard Herrmann, Sergio Leone had Ennio Morricone, and John Williams has also been the right hand man for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, creating the unforgettable scores for Jaws and Star Wars.

JJ Abrams talks Star Trek Into Darkness

Can it truly be a little over a month away before Star Trek Into Darkness finally hits theaters?