Star Trek 3 May Already Have a Director

We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams will have a hell of a time trying to finish the next Star Wars movie because Disney is insistent on a summer 2015 release date. Such insane scheduling comes with the territory. Usually Hollywood comes up with the release date, next comes when the toys are supposed to hit the stores, and the movie can often be an afterthought.

Almost Human Is Almost Here

Almost Human is one of about 3,000 TV shows and movies JJ Abrams has in development. Okay, so the guy’s going to be very busy with Star Wars for the next year and a half, but he can still keep a lot of irons in the fire as a producer. 

Trying to Get the Next Star Wars Started On Time

Getting any movie made is an enormous task, forget about trying to get a Star Wars movie made. The biggest directors in the business shuddered at the prospect of trying to helm the next Star Wars movie before JJ Abarms finally said yes, and there have definitely been some disturbances in the force since. 

The Star Wars / Disney Deal Closed a Year Ago

I’m cruising around the net looking for something to write about, and I see a headline about a Star Wars anniversary. Which one? It’s definitely not the anniversary of any of the movie’s releases. They all came out in the summer. When did the Holiday Special air? It couldn’t have been October, could it?

Can Revolution Bounce Back From Its Ratings Slump?

Revolution, the NBC series where the world loses all power, was a ratings powerhouse when it debuted this year, and one of the biggest hits the network has had in years. But after a hiatus, the show’s ratings have taken a dive, and we at TGD are definitely watching to see if it can recover.

William Shatner Forgives JJ Abrams

William Shatner has earned the right to say whatever he wants. The man was the original Captain Kirk, and he’s still going strong at 82. Now he wants to kiss and make up with JJ Abrams after allegedly saying some caustic comments about the new model Star Trek.

New Star Wars Title and Release Date May Soon Be Revealed

Since we’re getting closer to the end of the year, we’re certain the Star Wars rumors will keep coming fast and furious, because it’s also getting closer to the point where the movie will have to start shooting. Here’s the latest tid-bits have to do with the movie’s title, or should we say subtitle.

Star Trek Screenwriter Roberto Orci May Help Bring Trek Back to TV

In a recent interview, Roberto Orci, one of the screenwriters of the 2009 Star Trek, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness, had said it was inevitable that Star Trek would one day come back to television. Apparently he knew more than he was telling, because there’s now reports he’s indeed working on a Trek series.  

George Lucas Is Still Keeping a Watchful Eye on His Empire

Even though George Lucas sold his empire to Disney last year, you know he’ll still be looking out for the universe he created, and have at least some say over the next three Star Wars films. Considering Star Wars is a sacred property to JJ Abrams, you also know he’ll want to do right by George wherever he can.   

The Next Star Wars May Be Shot in IMAX

We already reported the good news that JJ Abrams will shoot the next Star Wars movie on film. There aren’t a lot of directors who have the clout to get a movie made on 35mm celluloid, and it’s great to see Abrams flexing his muscles in this regard.

Who Wants to Be a Wookie?

No, this isn’t a new reality show in the works, this is another Star Wars rumor going around right now. It’s apparently about a secret casting call where the powers that be may be looking for, you guessed it, the next Chewbacca. 

JJ Abrams May Start Lens Flare Anonymous

Even if you know nothing about camera work, you probably know what lens flare is, especially if you’re a Star Trek fan. Essentially it’s the light bouncing off the lens, and there’s nobody who’s used it more than JJ Abrams, to the point where there was even a parody on YouTube called Lens Flare the Movie.

JJ Abrams Talks the Magic of Star Wars

There’s not much to talk about with Star Wars at the moment. Actually, we’re sure there’s lots to talk about, but it has to be top secret. Secrecy is always a must with JJ Abrams, and this being Star Wars, things are going to have to be guarded like missile launch codes. 

Star Trek Into Darkness is #1 in Home Entertainment, Despite the Haters

We at TGD have followed the development of Star Trek Into Darkness for several years, from the movie finally getting the green light, to the release date and beyond. We’ve seen a lot of Trek haters out there, and we’ve seen the public quickly turn on a lot of movies, but that didn’t stop Into Darkness from topping the home entertainment charts at #1.

JJ Abrams Officially Stepping Down From Star Trek Director's Chair

Until cloning is perfected, directors will only be able to helm one film at a time. This is too bad for JJ Abrams, because even though he’s got three thousand productions in development, he’s now going to have to step down from directing Star Trek 3 because he’ll be too busy helming Star Wars. 

Westworld is Coming to Television, With the Help of JJ Abrams

In the early ‘70s, the first big screen adaptation of Michael Crichton’s work was The Andromeda Strain, followed by the sci-fi hit that he directed himself, Westworld. With so much potential for technology to go wrong, and with pretty much every single movie destined to be remade, a Westworld reboot seemed inevitable (Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to star at one point, not much of a stretch from The Terminator).

The Next Star Wars Movie Will Be Shot on Film

Film has been officially over and done with for a while now, and for cinema fans everywhere, this is really a damn shame. There have been tremendous strides being made with digital, and it looks fine in most movies, but to many cinema fans it will never be as good as celluloid. 

Will We Have Star Wars For Xmas?

No, this story is not about Star Wars Holiday Special, that came out in November anyways. There’s now another rumor going around about Star Wars, probably the second or third that’s gotten around this hour, that the next movie in the series may defy tradition and come out for Christmas 2015.

Star Wars Will Officially Have a Summer 2015 Release (Duh)

In what has to be the big non-news story of the day, it has been officially announced that the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Wars will be coming out in the summer of 2015. This is certainly no big news flash, and it was Star Wars that helped create the whole summer blockbuster climate back in the ‘70’s along with Jaws.

Original Star Trek Screenwriters to Return For a Third Trek

Here on TGD we call the screenwriting team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman part of Team Abrams. They’ve been writing for JJ since Alias, and have also written the scripts for Transformers, Mission Impossible 3, Cowboys and Aliens, and many more. In short, they’re two of the hottest genre writers in Hollywood right now.