More Star Wars News Spews Out

It has to truly be getting close to when Star Wars will start shooting, because news is breaking out everywhere fast and furious. These reports are coming from legit sources, and here’s some more news on the progress of the next Star Wars film. 

Star Wars Casting Narrowing In On Its Heroic Lead

We had the feeling that some more Star Wars news would break soon, especially considering it’s supposed to start shooting either this summer, or early fall at Pinewood Studios in London. Adam Driver from the show Girls is reportedly up to play the villain, and for the lead hero role, casting is coming down to five people. 

Star Wars May Finally Have an Official Villain

It’s hard to know what’s legit news on Star Wars. Seems like every time someone farts, a new rumor pops up on the net. The legit trades have been running this story, so here’s who could be the villain in Episode VII…

Lost To Celebrate Its Tenth Anniversary

For those who grew up in the seventies, there’s anniversaries in the news all the time that make us feel old. So for today’s generation, here’s anniversary that’s going to make you feel old…Lost is hitting the decade mark. 

Is the Star Wars Cast Complete?

The next Star Wars movie is slated to begin shooting in May, and while there’s no official announcements yet, the latest rumor going around is that the casting has been completed. This is surprising news if it’s true, although you’d figure they’d have to have a cast together pretty quickly to get started by summer.

JJ Abrams Reveals Star Wars Screenplay is Finished

So JJ Abrams is finally talking a little bit about Star Wars because it’s getting closer to the start date, which will reportedly be in May. Abrams confirmed the screenplay is finished, and official casting decisions should hit the news soon.

JJ Abrams Finally Drops Some Dope On Star Wars Junkies

Okay, so we’ve been reading a lot of speculation, rumor, and hearsay everywhere about the next Star Wars movie. Now finally JJ Abrams has disclosed some official information about what’s going on in the Star Wars universe. 

Latest Star Wars News

It won’t be long before the next installment of Star Wars goes into production, and as usual, the net is going wild with all kinds of gossip and stories. Nothing’s confirmed at the moment, but we have the feeling official reports will be announced very soon. In the meantime, here are the latest rumors that have been flooding the net.

Han Solo Origin Film May Be Ready By 2016

It’s been common knowledge since the Disney Star Wars deal went through that along with three more chapters in the saga, there will also be spin off films. Yoda, Boba Fett and Han solo films have been rumored, and now the talk of a Han Solo solo film have been gaining a little credence. 

Star Trek 3 Still Looking For a Director

Okay, so JJ Abrams is now going to be ruler of the Star Wars universe, and Paramount wants to keep the Star Trek franchise going with or without him. There’s been much speculation as to who could take over the Enterprise, in fact, there’s still much speculation because Paramount couldn’t get the director they wanted. 

The Latest Star Wars News

As we all know by now, Star Wars is gaining full speed, and will be shooting sometime next year for a December 18, 2015 release date. The film is currently being cast, and while official information will be scarce for a while, there’s always interesting little tid-bits that get out there, and here’s a few of the latest. 

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Okay With the Khan-Spiracy

Here it is, seven months since Star Trek: Into Darkness came out, and we’re still fixated on that damn Khan. How is this possible? Well, it all has to do with the issue of secrecy, and how Khan was kept a secret for too long. 

Greetings From The Star Wars Set

We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams has regretted keeping the identity of the Star Trek: Into Darkness villain a secret for so long. If you don’t know it’s Khan by now, sorry to spoil that one for ya, but where have you been, in a cave?

World of Warcraft Movie Blinks, Gets Out of the Way of Star Wars

After months of speculation, the new Star Wars finally has an official release date, December 18, 2015. Usually the Star Wars movies come out on Memorial Day, but now Disney will be breaking tradition and will give us a new Star Wars for Xmas two years from now.

JJ Abrams Regrets Keeping Khan a Secret

We all know that JJ Abrams is the king of secrecy. He wants his audiences to have the purest possible experience before going in to a movie. But he has just admitted there’s one secret he shouldn’t have kept, and that’s the villain’s identity in Star Trek Into Darkness. 

JJ Abrams Got Lucky With Star Wars

As long time TGD readers know by now, JJ Abrams was hoping to have the next Star Wars movie open in 2016 so he wouldn’t be in a rush, but Disney has been adamant about the movie opening in 2015. At first, we figured it would come out on Memorial Day, which is usually when the Star Wars movies come out, but now a December 18, 2015 has been confirmed.

JJ Abrams Says No New Star Trek Series?

Recently a rumor hit the web that there may be another Star Trek series in the works, and why not? There have been many incarnations of Star Trek on the big and small screen, and considering Trekkies can’t get enough, a new series could totally go like gangbusters.

Almost Human Debuts Well

Okay, so Almost Human may not be the most original idea for a sci-fi show, but it’s gotten pretty good reviews, and it looks like it’s gotten off to a pretty good start in the ratings. It wasn’t able to beat out major league football, like Walking Dead finally did, but again, it still did pretty well.

Mark Your Calendars, Star Wars Episode 7 Officially Has a Release Date

There have been so many rumors and net speculation about Star Wars lately, but here’s an official piece of news that’s absolutely bank on: The next Star Wars movie will be hitting theaters on December 18, 2015.

Is the Next Star Wars Looking For Newcomers?

Once again, here with are with a new batch of Star Wars rumors and these have to do with the casting and the potential release date. We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy are trying to get an extension on finishing the movie and getting a 2016 release date, but apparently Disney is insisting the next Star Wars must come out in 2015.