Human finds its human

Urban to take lead role in new sci-fi procedural drama.

JJ Abrams clinches seven-year superhero origin serial

NBC has purchased yet another superhero television project from Hollywood genre veteran J.J. Abrams.

Video: The beginning of Revolution

NBC has released the pilot for its upcoming dystopian adventure serial by veteran genre filmmaker J.J. Abrams.

Revolution preview crashes nearby

NBC and Warner Bros. Television have released a preview  for its upcoming dystopian adventure serial.

Revolution trailer turns off the lights

NBC and Warner Bros. Television have released a trailer for their upcoming dystopian adventure serial Revolution.

What’s missing from Alcatraz?

Before Alcatraz aired, we got clued in to a particular production delay. All of the episodes which had so far been filmed needed to have new scenes filme dadded, due to a change in direction for the series which occurred when co-producer Jennifer Johnson joined the project.

Abrams unhappy with Star Trek villain leak

Just a few days ago, a number of Star Trek 2 images were leaked, including the one below, which depicts Zachary Quinto as Spock and Benedict Cumberbatch in an undisclosed role.

Revolution picks up serious talent at the top

Recently, NBC announced that it had picked up Revolution, a new series from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and popular film and television producer J. J. Abrams.

NBC drains our energy with Revolution

We've certainly been hearing a lot of interesting news lately about genre pilots, and it looks like this fall will find television audiences awash in science fiction/fantasy programs.

The broken past of Alcatraz

This past week, Fox premiered Alcatraz - the new J.J. Abrams series - with a double episode evening.

New promo for Alcatraz gets LOST

Fox recently revealed a few new promo spots for its upcoming mid-season starter, Alcatraz. One shows  some LOSTesque scenes, while the other two are just recycled footage from previous promos rehashed into new 30 and 45 second spots.

Hasbro wants Transformers 4

Hasbro, which owns hundreds of toy and game licenses, is in talks to produce several more films based on various franchises, including Transformers 4.

A TV full of Abrams

NBC will be running a new pilot from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and popular writer/producer JJ Abrams.

J.J. Abrams teases Star Trek 2 details

MTV has released a short video of an impromptu interview with J.J. Abrams regarding the upcoming Star Trek film.

New Star Trek comic book will be based on the Abrams canon

J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek changed the face of the storied franchise forever.

Super 8 spoiler video released

Super 8 comes out tomorrow, but in the interim, Paramount has released an interesting three minute video.

Star Trek 2 delayed, replaced with G.I. Joe

The sequel to the hit 2009 film "Star Trek" is still coming, but not as soon as originally announced.

Kirk and Spock team up for new Star Trek game

James Tiberius Kirk and the indomitable Spock will be teaming up for a new game that continues the (2009) Star Trek adventure envisioned by J.J. Abrams.

Behind-the-scenes footage released for Person of Interest

This week we discovered that J.J. Abrams’ Person of Interest has been picked up by CBS for their fall line-up. Today we get to see a lot more about it.

New trailer for Super 8 changes gears

The Abrams/Spielberg project showcased a new trailer yesterday, and it seems to be sparking a different audience.