How jellyfish help improve bio-inspired robotic designs for the Navy

Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers are part of a national study that has cracked how jellyfish move with the lowest cost of transport of any animal. The findings will be used as researchers continue to design bio-inspired jellyfish for the U.S. Navy.

US Navy develops robotic jellyfish

The US Navy has asked scientists at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering to continue the development of a robotic jellyfish for surveillance use.

Increasing jellyfish numbers are part of global cycle

It’s good news for beach-goers as scientists believe that recent jellyfish blooms are just part of a natural cycle.

Video: This is how your brain is disassembled and reassembled

Using bioluminescent proteins from a jellyfish, a team of researchers recently managed to light up the interior of a neuron - capturing video footage depicting the movement of proteins throughout the cell.

Artificial jellyfish engineered from rat heart cells

Scientists have created a free-swimming 'jellyfish' out of silicone seeded with living heart muscle cells.