The origin of Tron

Like with many great films, the stories behind the scenes can be just as entertaining as the movies themselves. 

The Dude just can't stay out of the news

The second life The Big Lebowski's had since its release in 1998 is really quite remarkable, if you think about it.

R.I.P.D. moves toward production

The film adaptation of the Spawn-esque comic line and graphic novel R.I.P.D. has been casting and preparing for production over the last few months. Now the cast is nearly complete, with filming  about to begin.

New Tron video game will not feature Jeff Bridges

The upcoming Tron: Evolution video game, which is almost as anticipated as the Tron: Legacy movie it's based on, will feature a lot of the same voice talent as the theatrical talent line-up, but there's one notable absence.