The masters of hand drawn poster art

I've loved hand drawn poster art ever since I was a kid, and in the days of computer graphic design, you just don't see movie posters like the '77 Star Wars and Jaws anymore.

Lucas needs to stop the madness

As you probably already know by now, there's been an absolutely hilarious disturbance in the Force.

Super 8 revives hiding the monster

Some box office pundits will tell you Super 8 made a mistake not revealing too much before the film's release, but lo and behold, now there's reports that other films could be well served from trying this bold marketing idea.

Celebrating Jaws and The Incredible Hulk

Patrick Jankiewicz has not only proven himself a true Jaws fanatic by writing the Jaws compendium, Just When You Thought It Was Safe, but also drove cross country to attend Jaws Fest way back when.

Just when you thought you knew everything about Jaws

If you're a film geek, there's no doubt you're a Jaws fan. On the eve of its 36th anniversary (!), the film still holds up very well today.

Did the PC kill Hollywood’s archetypal screenwriter?

In the first part of this report for TG Daily, several top Hollywood screenwriters recalled the creative process before the computer age, and at the beginning of it.