Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg

When Steven Spielberg first broke through in the movie biz, it was inconceivable that somebody that young could be a director. And indeed, this was a period when young people were finally breaking through in Hollywood and telling their own stories, and the big Spiel made his mark pretty early.

Thank God These Sequels Never Happened

Hollywood’s great at coming up with stupid ideas because the people who run the industry aren’t very creative. The bean counters always want to prove they can put their “stamp” on something, and often times, when you see a very stupid idea in a movie that feels wedged in, apropos of nothing, it’s usually something some idiot studio executive insisted on it until it finally became a reality.

Could Big Ass Spider! Be the Next Giant Monster Hit?

The whole Sharknado phenomenon that happened earlier this year was really hilarious. It’s amazing that a silly, low budget movie on the Syfy Channel could become a Twitter phenomenon, and a household joke, overnight. It also brought back the era of giant animal and insect movies that had been going since the ‘50’s.

A look back at Shark Games

Back in the mid-70’s, the country was gripped by shark mania. Jaws wasn’t just a major motion picture, it was a phenomenon that changed the movie business forever, and it still has a loyal and devoted fan base to this day.

From Jaws to Dark Shadows

The other day I saw a preview for the Jaws Blu-ray, and I have to say it looked fantastic. 

Indiana Jones is ready for Blu-ray

Way back in the early days of DVD, there were a number of directors who weren't ready to take the plunge, but once everyone realized it was indeed the next step beyond VHS, many happily came aboard.

A look back at Spielberg's Jaws

It's hard to keep track of movie anniversaries as you go about your life, so when I was cruising the 'Net on the morning of June 20, I was very pleasantly reminded that Jaws hit theaters thirty-seven years ago.

The Hulk hits 50

One of the great things about The Avengers is the Hulk was finally done right on the big screen. Having grown up with the show, it seemed like a no brainer. 

Does ET still hold up?

E.T. will be arriving soon on Blu-ray, along with Spielberg’s other blockbuster, Jaws. 

Exorcist, the mini-series?!

True horror fans have been dreading this day, but I guess it was as inevitable as Halloween getting remade.

Jaws Blu-ray bites this August

Imitated many times but never equaled, Jaws will always be the ultimate shark movie. 

It scared the hell out of audiences in 1975, it still holds up great today, and it's got a strong fan following that will never die.

The 3D insanity of Piranha

The original Piranha, released in 1978, was a very good, low budget Jaws rip-off that was Steven Spielberg's favorite take off on his shark classic.

The magical worlds of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg just celebrated his 65th birthday on December 16, but you wouldn't know it because the Hollywood veteran always had the soul and energy of a kid.

Universal Studios hits 100

One of my favorite places to go to when I was a kid was Universal Studios, and I still have a fondness for the company.

Jaws is coming... on Blu-ray!

I’ve always loved Jaws, but even I’m surprised at how fanatical the movie’s following is to this day.

Are old school movie release patterns back?

Movies today often have a hard time finding an audience because of how films are currently released. 

Jumping the shark defined and debunked

"Jumping the shark" is a phrase that is still often used in everyday life. The phrase, which was coined by Jon Hein in 1987, means a turning point where things go downhill fast. 

No, Spielberg won't pull a Lucas

There's probably no faster way to rile up a geek than mentioning George Lucas redoing the hallowed Star Wars trilogy. 

Spielberg on Spielberg

Many want to be the biggest and best in life, but if you're an aspiring filmmaker and one day want to knock Steven Spielberg off the top of the mountain, forget it. 

About that Jaws Indianapolis scene

It's one of the best scenes in Jaws. That's all you have to say before any self-respecting Jaws freak will shout out, "The Indianapolis scene!"