The new Nike+ Fuelband SE looks good but doesn't do much

Pre-ordering is the new ordering. And so it goes with Nike's latest version of its activity tracking device which won't be available until November 6, but is ready for order now. How will it fare against the likes of Jawbone, Fitbit, smartwatches, Adidas and Garmin? I get tired thinking about it.

Is your smart pedometer dumber than my dumb pedometer?

I thought I had learned my lesson when Jawbone's highly anticipated Up activity bracelet crashed and burned a horrible death last year.

Woman receives world's first 3D printed jawbone

An 83-year-old woman has become the first ever transplant recipient of a 3D printed jawbone.

Turn it up...With the Jambox!

Are you tired of putting on headphones every time you listen to your iPod or stream music on your laptop?