Google intros versatile Dart for web devs

Google wants you to know there is a new language on the block dubbed "Dart" - which Mountain View describes as a class-based, optionally typed platform for building web apps.

Black Hatters probe Chrome OS vulnerabilities

Two security researchers have presented a paper at the Black Hat conference describing potential security vulnerabilities associated with Google's Chrome operating system. 

MACDefender malware targets OS X users

Security researchers have identified a new strain of OS X malware dubbed "MACDefender."

Polished version of Firefox 4 Android goes live

No more RCs or beta versions! Mozilla has released a polished, finalized version of its popular Firefox 4 browser for Android smartphones.

JavaScript gets afterburners in new Chrome beta

Google has released a new beta version of its Chrome browser that offers a significant improvement in JavaScript speed, fresh sync options and revamped browser settings.

Mozilla boosts Firefox performance with new beta

Mozilla has significantly boosted the performance of its popular browser with a new beta version (7) of Firefox 4.

Twitter blames upgrade for onMouseOver flaw

Oops: Twitter says it had already identified and fixed the security flaw that left the site in chaos yesterday - but then messed up that fix with a later update.

Jokers exploit Twitter security flaw

A cross-site-scripting security flaw in Twitter is allowing pranksters to redirect visitors to third-party websites such as porn pages.

Intel and Adobe target Apple's app store

IDF 2010 - Adobe and Intel are attempting to challenge the Flash-less Apple by launching an initiative to promote Air apps and games in the latter company's AppUp store.

Google Instant Search goes live

Google has upgraded its already powerful search engine to support a long-awaited "search-before-you-type" feature.

TechCrunch Europe issues belated malware warning

TechCrunch Europe is sounding the all clear after recovering from a recent attack by hackers who planted a malicious script on the popular site. However, the comments section remains locked down while TC attempts to "track down" any remaining malware "issues."

Mozilla kicks off browser-based gaming campaign

Mozilla has kicked off a Web-oriented gaming campaign in an apparent effort to compete with Google's upcoming Chrome OS and Marketplace.

Faster Chrome browser gives JavaScript a boost

Google is marking the second anniversary of Chrome with the launch of a newer, optimized version of the popular browser.

IBM issues cyber-security warning

IBM has issued a rather dramatic cyber security warning alongside its mid-year X-Force Trend and Risk Report.

Android 2.2 outperforms iOS4 in JavaScript duel

Can Froyo-powered devices run JavaScript faster than Apple's iPhone 4?

Google blocks Analytics data collection

Google is promoting a browser add-on tool designed to block data collection from its own Analytics platform.

Mozilla details Firefox 4 specs

Apparently speed does matter. And that is why Mozilla's next-gen Firefox browser will be taking on Google's blazingly fast Chrome with a "super-duper" JägerMonkey JavaScript engine.

Apple's Gianduia is not a Flash killer

No, Apple's nascent Gianduia platform will not kill Flash for the masses. That is what HTML5 is for - at least according to Steve Jobs.

Google shifts Chrome into overdrive with upgraded V8 engine

Google has shifted its Chrome browser into overdrive with an upgraded V8 Javascript engine that offers a respective performance increase of 30-35% on the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks.

Google overhauls cloud-based Docs

Forget Microsoft Office and its bloated, creeping feature syndrome!