Yahoo Japan teams with Google, not Bing, for search technology

Yahoo Japan has decided not to follow Yahoo Inc in moving to use Microsoft's Bing as its search engine, and has signed a deal with Google instead.

Teen arrested for leaking manga comics online

A fourteen-year-old has been arrested in Japan for allegedly leaking manga titles onto YouTube before their release.

Brits and Japanese queue all night for iPad

It didn't quite match the iPad's US launch, but hundreds of people waited outside Apple's London store all night to snap up one of the devices when it opened at 8.00 this morning.

PS3, PSP continue to thrive in "other" regions

They're sometimes the brunt of the joke in the US, but the PS3 and PSP remain a strong competitor in parts of the world. How will this affect Sony's marketing of the platforms?

Japanese game apparently about beauty, not soft porn

A few weeks back we told TG readers about a new Japanese game that was getting gamers all hot under the collar called Dead or Alive: Paradise, which didn’t seem to have much of a plot apart from some breast wobbling and girl to girl flirtation.

Japanese engineers develop flying chair

It's much, much more fun being old in Japan. While we get boring old wheelchairs, they get flying ones.