WikiLeaks cables suggest jeopardized seismic safety at Japan’s power plants

Thanks to the nuclear disaster in Japan, blame is now being thrown at government officials via WikiLeaks cables.

Japan's iPad 2 launch delayed

Japan certainly has other things on its mind right now, and so as not to trivialize the recent natural disaster there, Apple has decided to push back the release of the iPad 2 in that country.

Fake radiation text spreads across Asia

The Philippine government has been forced to issue a denial, following the spread of a hoax SMS message warning of a radiation hazard to the country.

Earth rotating faster following Japan quake

Last Friday's quake in Japan has likely shortened the length of the planet's day and shifted its axis, says a NASA scientist.

SXSW raises money for Japanese quake victims

The SXSW (South by Southwest) community has kicked off fund-raising efforts in conjunction with the Red Cross to help raise funds for Japanese quake and tsunami victims.

Google launches Person Finder following Japan earthquake

Google's quickly launched a version of its Person Finder app to help people try and locate friends and family caught up in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Dude, where's my robotic clone?

Have you ever wondered what a robotic clone would look and feel like? Well, meet Geminoid DK, the robot of nightmares for Automatonophics throughout the galaxy.

Tiny humanoid cell phone adds personal touch to cold phone convos

Japanese researchers have developed a human-shaped mobile phone with a skin-like casing to make people feel closer to the person they’re talking to. Weird!

Japan goes fishing for space junk

Japan's space agency, JAXA, is reportedly working on a device to catch space junk - in collaboration with a fishing net company.

Japanese sex hotel in trouble for video game rentals

The Japanese certainly have the right idea by creating "Love Hotels" - a combination hourly boom boom room and video game haven.

Japan promises holographic 3D games for World Cup 2022

Hosting the World Cup means droves of fans and ensures four years of bragging rights. But how far will a nation go to secure the bid?

Japan confirms Hayabusa probe contained asteroid dust

Japanese scientists say they're certain that particles captured by the Hayabusa spacecraft are indeed from the Itokawa asteroid.

RIP, Sony Walkman. Vintage gadget officially retired

In 1979, Sony introduced a little device called the Walkman, a portable way to listen to audio cassette tapes. Today, 30 years and countless innovations later, all remaining threads on the Walkman's lifeline in Japan have been cut.

Malaysians have most Facebook friends

Developing countries are the most enthusiastic users of social networking, according to a new survey of over 50,000 people worldwide.

3D TV system lets user touch the images

Japanese researchers have created a 3D TV system that allows viewers to manipulate the image with their hands.

Flash of light as another meteor hits Jupiter

A Japanese amateur astronomer has captured what appears to be the second meteor strike on Jupiter in three months.

Japanese toothbrush goes solar

The Shiken company of Japan is field testing a funky solar-powered toothbrush that doesn't require toothpaste.

Red-faced Apple to replace overheating iPod Nanos

The once infallible Apple has assured the Japanese government that it will replace overheating, first-gen iPod Nanos on demand.

Telepresence robot is the stuff of nightmares

You might think that a Caspar the Ghost lookalike would make a pretty poor substitute for a beloved grandchild or trusted doctor, but Japanese robotics researchers are betting otherwise.

China is now the world's second largest economy

The People's Republic of China - also known as Zhōngguó - has eclipsed Japan and is now the world's second largest economy.