Radioactivity in Japanese waters thousands of times higher than normal

With recent reports that there have been further radioactive leaks from the Fukushima nuclear power plants, a new study has assessed the level of radioactivity in the ocean in the first months after the disaster.

Two merging tsunamis caused Japanese devastation

The tidal wave that hit Japan in March was formed by two separate tsunamis, in a phenomenon that had been theorized but never before observed.

High-speed rail is booming

High-speed rail (HSR) isn’t without its problem – as train wrecks in China and financial wrecks in California have shown. 

Huge mass of tsunami debris headed for US West Coast

Millions of tons of debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March is headed for the West Coast of the US.

Japanese robot trains for Ironman Triathlon

It's one of the most grueling acts of human endurance, but can a robot handle it?

Air-conditioned clothing is big in Japan

It may not look all that cool, but desperate times call for desperate measures - even if it does mean wearing air-conditioned clothing.

Japan will not halt nuclear exports

Stubbornness over nuclear power seems to be a theme with the Japanese government. Maybe that explains why they’re always getting attacked by Godzilla and why the island continues to sell power plants.

Nintendo promises massive 3DS price cut

Nintendo's slashed the price of its 3D handheld 3DS by a massive 40 percent in Japan, and says it plans to do the same in other countries.

World's first WP7 Mango phone will be in Japan

Toshiba-Fujitsu's IS12T will be the first smartphone in the world to carry Microsoft's updated version of Windows Phone out of the box.

Nokia leaving Japanese market

Nokia couldn’t overcome the popularity of smartphones in Japan, so they’ve decided to pull out of the Japanese market.

Robot fails to complete Japanese nuke plant mission

A robot and a drone have failed to complete their respective missions to inspect and measure contamination levels in Japan's hard-hit Fukushima nuclear plant which was damaged by a devastating tsunami in March.

Should America try another remake with Japan's favorite monster?

The fallout from the last American Godzilla film is long gone. But now Legendary Pictures, the same company behind Clash of the Titans, The Dark Knight, Inception, and 300, wants to give the big guy another shot.

Japan introduces 52-inch glasses-free 3D TV

What is perhaps the most technologically sophisticated 3D TV is now a fait de compli in Japan.

Trailer released for Supernatural: The Anime Series

The trailer for Supernatural: The Anime Series looks pretty creepy, but seems to take some liberties with the story.

PSP continues to outsell 3DS in Japan

It wasn't just a one-week fluke. The 3DS has been surpassed by Sony's PSP yet again.

80% of Sony's affected Japan plants back online

Sony is making good progress on restoring access to several of its electronics plants affected by the Japanese earthquake.

Luxury fallout shelters all the rage after Fukushima

Since the earthquake hit Japan causing colossal damage, a tsunami, and ultimately a nuclear meltdown, a number of Americans are rushing to purchase doomsday bunkers.

Can games help experts manage disasters?

Over the past few weeks, Japan has been grappling with the aftermath of a tragic 9.0 earthquake and tsunami which killed thousands of people.

Biotech firm may have answer to radiation sickness

While US personnel in Japan have been issued with supplies of potassium iodide in the event that they need treatment for radiation sickness, it's very much a last-ditch solution.

Sony lets you make Red Cross donations from your PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is headquartered in Japan, and this month's natural disasters have halted production at some facilities, potentially for months.