Rare frog has flick-knife thumbs

A rare breed of frog has been discovered to have spikes which shoot from its thumbs for fighting and mating, a bit like X-Men's Spyke.

Wolverine, Yukio and Viper spotted in Sydney

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Svetlana Khodchenkova (Viper) were recently caught by photographers in Sydney, preparing to film a scene on the streets.

Illegal downloads given stiff penalties in Japan

Japan is to introduce tough penalties for internet users who download copyright-infringing material - with fines of up to $25,700 and a potential two-year jail term.

Element 113 has been synthesized in Japan

A team of Japanese scientists has reportedly managed to synthesize element 113, which the researchers have temporarily dubbed "ununtrium," or one-one-three.

Nintendo reveals details of Wii U

Nintendo's announced pricing and availability for the Wii U console in Japan. Details on the international release can be found here.

Japan rules Samsung didn't infringe Apple patent

  The latest country to rule on whether Samsung's been infringing an Apple patent, Japan, has decided that it didn't.

Nintendo dominates Japanese market

As the entire world gears up for the launch of the Wii U, there's one market that is still content with current Nintendo offerings.

Severity of Japanese tsunami explained

Scientists at Cambridge University say they've worked out why the tsunami that devastated Japan in March 2011 was so much larger than expected.

'Mutant butterflies' found near Fukushima

The nuclear power plant disaster that occurred after Japan's extreme weather last year may have had an impact on the surrounding area.

The return of Godzilla

Yes, there is yet another Godzilla revival in the works, and why not? I mean, everything's getting rebooted these days, and the great beast could absolutely use one.

Video: Japanese police test swarming quadcopters

The first quadcopter I saw up up close and personal was the original Parrot AR.Drone, which was priced at a cool $300 way back in 2010.

International space crew docks at ISS

The Russian rocket carrying space travelers from three different countries - including the US - has successfully landed at the International Space Station.

The future of off-grid living, brought to you by Japan

The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake tsunami disaster has had a profound effect on Japan.

Google ordered to censor Autocomplete results

Google's Autocomplete function is continuing to get it into trouble, with a Japanese man becoming the latest to sue over the suggestions it throws out for his name.

SpeechJammer device shuts annoying people up

Ever wished the people around you had a mute button? Two Japanese researchers did. And they've done something about it, inventing a device called the SpeechJammer that cuts annoying speakers off in mid-stream.

Toyota teases new hybrid concept car

Days ahead of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show, Toyota has released a teaser video and a few images of its new hybrid concept car, the FT-Bh. 

Japan builds 'good' virus to disable cyber-attacks

With the help of Fujitsu, the Japanese government is developing a computer virus aimed at tracing and disabling cyber-attacks.

Playstation Vita not even close to 3DS sales

Even though it's the new kid on the block in Japan, the Playstation Vita is still being outsold by a margin of six to one.

Japan Playstation Vita launch experiences bugs

Gamers in Japan who absolutely, positively had to get a Playstation Vita on launch day are finding themselves in a frustrating situation.

Google encourages gawpers with updated Street View of Japan

Well, that's tasteful. In Germany, Google allows residents to remove their homes from Street View - but in Japan, it's giving the owners of piles of rubble no such option.