Metallica at almost 50

Who among us who grew up with Metallica ever thought we'd see the day when the members of the band were pushing fifty? 

Metallica goes back to work

James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Metallica's also had one of the strongest work ethics of any band out there, especially when it comes to touring.

Metallica played its first gig 30 years ago

It's not a date that most metalheads have memorized, and sometimes you wonder how many bands can recall exactly when they played their first show.

Metallica hits 30

When Metallica was headlining its recent Big Four show in New York’s Yankee Stadium, word got out that the band would be celebrating its 30th anniversary in San Francisco.

The power of the almighty riff

If you wanted to be a guitar god back in the eighties, you moved out to Hollywood and enrolled at GIT, the Guitar Institute of Technology.