Fantastic Voyage will be a muddy love story

James Cameron recently updated the press about his upcoming Fantastic Voyage, a remake of the 1960’s classic film and novel.

On rebooting Fantastic Voyage

Anyone who loves great sci-fi has to be a fan of Fantastic Voyage, the 1966 film where a group of scientists are shrunk down to go inside a man’s body and save his life.

The disparate time streams of Pandora

Sigourney Weaver seems very sure she'll be in Avatar 2, despite the death of Grace Augustine at the end of the original film.

The oceans of Pandora

The oceans of Pandora and their threatened conditions will be a major focus of James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel.

Old movies to get 3D makeovers

Just as people are declaring 3D dead and hoping it finally goes away, what happens? 

Disney’s Avatar theme park won’t be cheap

As we previously reported, James Cameron’s Avatar has inspired a series of Disney amusement park adventures that should be ready in time for Avatar 2's release in 2014. 

Highlander reboot loses director

Bad timing has caused Justin Lin to step down from the helm of relaunching the popular fantasy franchise.

Is Transformers director Michael Bay finally getting respect?

By the time you read this story, the third Transformers movie will have made a ton of money at the box office.

The Dark Tower clock is ticking

Universal has set a new deadline for July to get things moving, which means we'll find out very soon if the studio is going to pull the trigger or not.

Titanic 3D re-release will happen April 6

James Cameron's cinematic marvel about the sinking of the Titanic is coming back to theaters.

James Cameron eyes Avatar online game

The next big deal for 3D master James Cameron may be a video game.

Is global warming a bigger threat than Skynet?

Well, hey now! Al "ManBearPig" Gore must be on vacation, because Avatar director James Cameron has taken it upon himself to warn humankind about the dangers of global warming.

George Lucas says 2D to 3D is like B&W to color

George Lucas is very bullish on the market for 3D movies.

James Cameron disappointed as NASA scraps 3D plans

NASA says it's abandoned plans for two high-resolution 3D cameras to be carried by the next Mars rover.

Star Wars goes 3D next year

You may have never cared about a 3D movie yet. This entire phenomenon may just have passed you by. But no matter who you are, this announcement is bound to at least make your head turn - the first of Lucasfilm's transformation of the six Star Wars films to be recreated in 3D will be complete next year.

James Cameron to be first recipient of new 3D movie award

The man whose 3D movie made more money than any movie in history will be the inaugural recipient of the International 3D Society's Harold Lloyd Award, honoring excellence in the art of 3D filmmaking.

Matrix 3D rumors were a hoax

Earlier this week, 3D movie fans were all a flutter when it was reported that Keanu Reeves mentioned two new Matrix sequels were being filmed in 3D while talking to students at the London International School of Performing Arts. Now, that school as well as representatives for Reeves are saying it was completely made up.

Matrix sequels may be on the way, in 3D

A new rumor says that the Matrix movie franchise is in store for two more sequels, in which The One will be in three dimensions for the first time.

James Cameron sees a future of nothing but 3D movies

Heralded director James Cameron thinks that within a few years, advertising that a movie is available in 3D won't be such a big deal anymore...because almost every single film in theaters will be presented in the new format.

Avatar Blu-ray 3D tied to Panasonic until 2012

Avatar is available on Blu-ray 3D today. It's perhaps the best showcase title to demonstrate the power of the new 3D medium. But...if you don't own or plan to own a Panasonic 3D TV, the only way to get a copy is to buy a $400 bundle that you can't use with your TV, or get one from a scalper on Ebay.