Windows RT jailbreak automates a complex hack

It is unclear exactly how many Surface RT tablets Microsoft has managed to sell over the past few months, although we do know the modding community maintains a healthy interest in setting the device free from its factory-set shackles.   

Auraslate LifePad tablets are a modders dream

For the life of me, I have never understood why so many companies are against giving enthusiasts the (easy) option to mod/jailbreak hardware and operating systems.

Hackers jailbreak PlayBook

Three hackers say they've been able to crack Research In Motion's much-vaunted security to run unauthorized applications on the PlayBook tablet.

Report: Hackers could open prison doors

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is concerned about the possibility of hackers remotely opening cell doors to aid mass jailbreaks across the country.

New browser-based iOS jailbreak uses PDF exploit

The JailBreakMe team has released a new utility to crack open iOS devices via a PDF exploit in Apple's mobile Safari web browser.

Report: Hacker pwns and owns PS3 firmware 3.60

A PS3 hacker known as Winocm has reportedly cracked Sony's latest Playstation 3 firmware update less than a week after it was released. 

Sony to inspect PS3 jailbreaker's rig

A federal judge has ruled that talented Playstation 3 jailbreaker George Hotz must submit to Sony and allow the electronics giant to unceremoniously inspect his rig's hard drive and copy data "related to [PS3] hacking."

Panicked Sony launches jailbreak witch hunt

A red-faced and clearly panicked Sony has launched a full-on witch hunt by threatening to sue anyone posting or "distributing" Playstation 3 jailbreak patches.

Sony starts legal fight against PS3 hackers

Sony has asked for a restraining order against the hackers who published a jailbreak for the PlayStation 3, freeing it up to run unauthorized games.

Report: Chronic Dev (almost) jailbreaks iOS 4.1

A talented Chronic Dev Team member known as "Pod2g" has reportedly "discovered" a bootrom-based exploit capable of jailbreaking all devices running Apple iOS 4.1 firmware - including the 4th-gen iPod touch, iPhone 4 and iPad.

Report: XDA Dev jailbreaks PS3 with Android Nexus One

An XDA Dev member known as "t4tav" has reportedly coded a sweet PS3 jailbreak that can be executed via a rooted Nexus One or HTC Desire.

Sony blocks jailbreaks with firmware update

Sony's released what it calls a 'minor' update for the PS3 - minor, that is, for anyone who hasn't been tempted by either of the two jailbreaks that have been doing the rounds over the last couple of weeks.

New, open source PS3 jailbreak may get round piracy claims

A new, open source jailbreak for the PS3 has been released by modder Mathieu Hervais, with the claim that it doesn't promote piracy.

Sony cracks down on PS3 jailbreakers

Sony and its pack of highly trained lawyers have won a temporary injunction banning the sale of a controversial Playstation 3 USB jailbreak hack.

Can Sony detect jailbroken PS3s?

Are you dreaming of jailbreaking that PS3 of yours with OzMod's long-awaited USB stick? 

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems as if Sony may be capable of detecting PSjb systems on its Playstation network.

Apple aims to patent kill switch for jailbreakers

Apple's continuing in its efforts to dictate exactly what its products are used for by applying for a patent on a way to prevent iPhone and iPod users from jailbreaking their devices.

Dude, where's my PS3 jailbreak?

W00t! The PS3 - which is locked down tighter than Fort Knox during a Democratic fundraiser - has allegedly been jailbroken.

New app makes iPhone jailbreaking easy as pie

If you're an iPhone owner and you hear all this great stuff about "jailbreaking" your phone but have no idea how to actually do it, there's a new app that makes it quite easy, and for the first time it can be done without connecting to an external computer.

Apple wants you to "just say no" to jailbreaking

Have you ever been tempted to jailbreak your iPhone? Is the peer pressure simply too much for you to bear? Well, Steve Jobs feels your pain - but wants you to take a deep breath and "just say no."

Is jailbreaking your iPhone legal?

If Steve Jobs and Apple had their way, the penalty for jailbreaking would undoubtedly involve the mandatory donning of an ill-fitting orange jumpsuit and a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay.