Twitter+search+pictures = ?

Twitter is rolling out advanced photo search capabilities. The idea is to create a richer search experience within the social networking site itself so users aren't tempted to go elsewhere to find what they are looking for.

It's hip to be Square: Visa invests in Dorsey's startup

Square has announced a strategic investment from Visa, which industry sources say is in the "single-digit millions."

How to make Twitter more useful

Last year, Twitter made it a goal to increase monetization of its social networking site by implementing promoted tweets and running ad campaigns with major brands.

Dorsey tasked with making Twitter more useful

Last week, TG Daily reported that Jack Dorsey, original Twitter founder, would be making a comeback to the company.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey makes a comeback

Jack Dorsey, the original creator of 140-character social networking site Twitter, is back in the game. Word on the street says Twitter hopes to re-hire Dorsey full time as either the CEO or something like a chief product officer.

Twitter clocks in at one billion tweets per week

Twitter has managed to rack up some rather impressive stats in honor of its fifth birthday.