Apple wants to change your life again

Apple has successfully redefined and revolutionized a number of stagnating product categories over the years with its iPhone, iPad, iPod and iMac lineup. But what does Cupertino have planned for the next few years?

Report: Apple builds a gaming controller

Apple has reportedly designed a dedicated gaming controller that it plans to launch at some point in the relatively near future.

More details on Apple's new set-top box

Apple envisions an experience where TV is always on your time, is connected to social networks, and can migrate between different devices.

Apple working on live TV set-top box: report

Apple wants to take another crack at the living room market before it launches its own branded TV set.

For Apple-branded TV, the price must be right

Apple needs to tread lightly if it wants to enter this new market.

Apple design head says "most important" project yet underway

The man in charge of Apple's industrial design says that what he's working on now has been the most significant project he's ever done.

Analyst: Apple-branded TV to begin production in May

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes that Apple will have all the necessary components and partners in place to begin producing its own TV set in May of June.

Isaacson intentionally left out iTV details

Steve Jobs's biographer knows a lot more about Apple's push into the television market than he let on in his book.

Apple steams ahead with streaming TV despite content concerns

Apple wants to take on Netflix, but the companies that provide content to Netflix aren't that excited.

Apple reportedly stalls Apple TV shipments

There's a lot of stuff brewing over at Apple HQ right now, and the company has to turn its attention away from something.

New iTV news gives manufacturing rumors, Best Buy secrecy

Best Buy has stopped selling the Apple TV set-top box amid a new rumor that suggest preliminary production has begun on an Apple-branded TV set.

Samsung downplays iTV threat

Samsung likes to consider itself the king of smart TV right now, so it has the most to lose if Apple redefines that growing market segment.

British TV station ITV doesn't like Apple's "iTV" name

The UK television network ITV has issued a fair warning to Apple saying that it will not allow the company to call its upcoming TV set the "iTV."

Apple could take 5% of HDTV market

In an industry dominated by power players from Samsung to Panasonic, Apple is expected to make a significant mark.

Best Buy survey sheds insight into iTV

There's a survey circulating the Web on behalf of Best Buy, which provides deep details about what Apple's entry into the TV market might be.

Analyst: Apple-branded TV will be here this year

By the end of the year, consumers will be asking themselves if they want an HDTV, a 3D TV, or an Apple TV.

50-inch iTV added to Apple rumor slate

There is new speculation that Apple's entry into the competitive TV market may include a 50-inch model.

Rumor: Apple suppliers nearly ready for TV sets

A new reports suggest supplies for Apple's rumored television sets will soon be underway.

The iTV is real, or so we hear

All the rumors about a "smart" TV powered by Apple and envisioned by Steve Jobs, are apparently due to become reality by the end of 2012.

Sparks fly again over Apple's right to "iTV" name

If the speculation is true that Apple is going to brand its next version of the Apple TV as the "iTV," then it'll have a tough time facing the British broadcaster ITV, which one news outlet says is preparing legal action against Apple if necessary.