Apple iTunes hack affected 0.00003% of users

The fact that someone actually dug into a security hole and hacked personal iTunes accounts is nothing to be overlooked, but final details reveal that only about 3 out of every 1,000,000 iTunes account holders were affected.

iTunes App Store accounts hacked

In what's clearly been a busy weekend for hackers, reports are appearing that there has been suspicious activity over at the iTunes App Store.

YouTube hackers direct Bieber fans to porn

Hackers targeted a number of Justin Bieber YouTube pages yesterday, redirecting users to porn sites and a video suggesting that the teenage heart-throb had died.

Can HP take on Apple with Palm and NuTsie?

Hewlett Packard appears to be prepping for an all-out mobile war with Apple, Steve Jobs, the iPad, iPhone and iTunes.

Google music store just months away, say sources

Every time you punch in a lyrics search, or Google a specific artist or song, Google wants you to pay them to buy that music. That's the idea behind a new Google music store that is likely to launch later this year.

Apple iOS 4 goes live

Apple has released the latest iteration of its mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Google Music logo spotted in the wild

A Google Music logo spotted on the 'Net may indicate that the Mountain View-based company is poised to take on Apple iTunes with its own Android-based service.

DoJ to examine Apple's iTunes business practices

The Justice Department is looking at Apple's iTunes business, according to the New York Times.

Paranoid parents say no to Android porn

The paranoid Parental Television Council (PTC) has launched a misguided campaign to eradicate porn from the Android Market.

Downloads prop up faltering music sales

Digital music sales continue to rise, with iTunes now the leading source of music in the US.

Nefarious "iPad virus" masquerades as iTunes update

Steve Jobs, where are you!? A nefarious virus has targeted users of your magical, shiny and overpriced Apple iPads.

Apple details iPhone OS 4 specs

Apple has previewed its long-awaited iPhone OS 4 software and released a beta version to iPhone Developer Program members.

Nokia sells tunes in world's largest market

Nokia is to launch its Comes with Music service in China, hoping that tapping into the world's largest mobile market will help it gain ground against Apple's iTunes.

Developers embrace Apple's iPad, snub RIM's Blackberry

A recent survey by Flurry Analytics indicates that at least 22 percent of new application starts over the past 60 days were designated for Apple's iPad tablet. 

Steve Jobs named the "most valuable" CEO in the universe

Barron's has named Steve Jobs the "most valuable" CEO in the world, claiming that the US of A "could use 1,000 more like him."

Mozilla axes Firefox for Windows Mobile

Mozilla has axed its Firefox for Windows Mobile project in response to Microsoft's decision to "close off" development for native applications.

Sony to take on Apple with Playstation smartphone

Sony is reportedly preparing to challenge Apple with a new line of handheld products, including a smartphone capable of running Playstation games.

Never-ending iTunes sales tally hits 10 billion

That means that, on average, more than 46 songs have been purchased on iTunes every single second, since the store launched on April 28, 2003. Apple had been keeping a tally of sales leading up to the big 10 billion mark on a special website, where it now has the number typed out in a large banner, as well as a list of the 20 all-time top-selling songs.

Report: Apple cracks down on sexy apps

Saint Steven Jobs and his puritanical Apple minions may be in the process of purging "overtly sexual" content from the hallowed App Store.

Report: Apple bars iPhone hackers from App Store

Apple has allegedly taken steps to ban at least two iPhone "hackers" from its iTunes App Store.