Report: Apple set to launch music streaming platform

It's a move that could be as big as when Apple first launched iTunes.

"Hulu for magazines" set to launch in Android Market this week

Apple has closed deals with some of the biggest magazine publishers to sell subscriptions via iTunes. Now it's Google's turn, with five large publishers poised to enter the Android Market this week.

Will Apple's music cloud be free?

Apple could allow users to access certain aspects of its cloud music streaming service for free  - at least initially.

Apple launches ad-laced iAd app

Apple thinks the ads that appear on iPhone and iPad are so cool, users would be willing to download an app that is nothing but ads.

Watch out iTunes - Google Music is coming

Google has reportedly begun testing its much anticipated streaming music service and rumors are it’s practically ready to launch.

Jobs to face the music in iTunes anti-trust lawsuit

Steve Jobs looks set to face up to two hours' questioning over an anti-trust suit related to its iPod music players and the iTunes store.

Bon Jovi claims Steve Jobs is "killing" music

The aging rocker known as Jon Bon Jovi (or is that Bon Phony?) has blamed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for "killing" the music industry with iTunes.

New update brings iTunes to version 10.2.1

Apple has released a new versions of iTunes music platform, but its release notes are exactly the same as the previous iteration of the software, leaving everyone to wonder what exactly was changed behind the scenes.

Apple lobbying for 'unlimited' iTunes downloads

Apple is reportedly looking into the feasibility of letting users download a song from iTunes as many times as they want after they pay for it, a move that quite honestly should have been around for quite some time now.

European publishers warn Apple over online newspaper subscriptions

A group of European newspaper publishers has complained to Apple about its revenue split for iTunes digital subscriptions.

Sorry mom, kids rack up huge bills with in-app game purchases

When you’re deeply entrenched in a game, sometimes it seems like there is a fine line between the virtual world and reality. And with the advent of virtual currency where gamers can buy virtual goods with real-life money, the line seems that much more blurry.

Apple and Wal-Mart slug it out in online movie market

Apple iTunes is still way ahead of the pack in the online movie sales business - but its market share fell last year and it needs to watch out for Wal-Mart, says analyst iSuppli.

Medical iPhone app is FDA approved

The Food and Drug Administration has just made history as it approved a mobile phone app for the very first time. Doctors can now view CT scans and MRI images on their handheld knowing everything is medically accurate.

Android Market website finally offers easy way to find apps

Despite the fact that Android is the world's most popular smartphone platform and developers from all over the planet are eager to get apps running on it, the process of finding an Android app has remained a clunky and user-unfriendly process. Finally, that has changed.

Woman hangs up on $10,000 iTunes call

It may sound ridiculous to think that someone would hang up on a call offering them a free $10,000 iTunes gift card. But then again, in this world of baiting telemarketers, it would sound ridiculous if someone didn't do the same thing.

$10,000 goes to iTunes's 10 billionth app downloader

Following in its legacy of giving away huge prizes to people who are in the right place at the right time, Apple has announced it will give away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to whomever happens to download the store's 10 billionth app.

The Endtables Reunite for First Show in 30 Years at SXSW [Unplugging]

Time to check in with the world of music with the good people at This week's column feature news about two exciting additions to the 2011 SXSW music festival.

Brazen hacker tries to sell iTunes accounts online

It's the equivalent of trying to commit a crime in broad daylight, so it's not surprising that it took only a short amount of time for Chinese officials to react to the sale of stolen ITunes accounts on a Chinese e-tailer.

Unplugging's 2010 Recap

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when one year ends, when another begins, and when we provide you with a recap of 2010 – the best of Unplugging.

Report: Apple planning for a Cloud-based future

Apple is reportedly planning to roll out new Cloud-based services for popular mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.