Neil Young Hoping to Change the Download Game with PonoPlayer

Neil Young may seem like an old hippie to a lot of people, but he’s always been fascinated by cutting edge technology, whether it’s for recording or for his state of the art model train collection. And now he’s got a new music downloading service called PonoPlayer.  

Report: Apple iRadio launch may be imminent

Apple's long-awaited iRadio may be close to officially launching, as reports indicate Cupertino is "close" to clinching a deal with two major record companies to stream their respective tracks.

Apple in row over censorship again

Just after Apple CEO Tim Cook apologised to China for selling customers short on their warranties, it has emerged that Cupertino has had to remove books banned by the country's government from the iTunes store.

Psst... wanna used iTunes collection?

Apple is at least considering a system to allow customers to sell or lend their iTunes content.

Is iTunes saving the music business?

The music business has certainly faced its share of ups and downs over the years, as it struggles to deal with major challenges like free-file sharing.

Amazon squares up to iTunes with launch of 'free' MP3 music

The CD may be getting a shot in the arm with the launch of AutoRip, a new service from Amazon that gives customers buying CDs a free MP3 version - including any music bought since the company's Music Store started up in 1998.

Scan and match arrives free on Google Play

Mountain View has introduced a free scan and match feature for its Google Play music platform which allows users to add up to 20,000 songs.

Apple launches iTunes store in major new markets

Apple's opened its iTunes store in 56 more countries, nearly doubling the number of territories covered.

Apple music logo trademark rejected

Apparently Apple doesn't always win when it comes to intellectual property law.

Latest Apple iTunes targets the Cloud

Apple has rolled out its new iTunes app for both the Mac and PC. 

Bruce Willis is not suing Apple

Sadly, reports of Bruce Willis wanting to take on Apple in court were completely fabricated.

Amazon updates streaming Cloud Player

Amazon has released an update to its Web-based music playing software.

Report: Xbox Music to be part Rhapsody, part iTunes

Microsoft's new foray into the world of digital music won't be a one-size-fits-all platform.

Apple Podcasts app doesn't require iTunes

You no longer need to go into iTunes to get new podcast episodes.

Report: Apple iTunes to be revamped

ITunes is clearly a huge moneymaker for both Apple and the music industry.

Ping to ping out of existence

Apple's reportedly planning to ditch Ping, its social network for music, in the next release of iTunes later this year.

'Stalker' app pulled after outcry

An app that allowed men to stalk women in their vicinity has been pulled from the iTunes store - although its developer says it can't see what all the fuss is about.

Google Play aims to take on iTunes

Google's merged Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore to create Google Play, a new cloud-based service that works in much the same way as Apple's iTunes store.

Apple eyes new audio format for HD iCloud streaming

Apple may be in the process of developing a new HD audio format for its iCloud streaming service.

Bogus Pokemon game makes waves in App Store

Somehow, an unofficial game managed to get approved in the Apple App Store and has made its way up to #2 in the list of top paid apps.