Microsoft probed over bribery allegations

The Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Securities and Equities Commission (SEC) have initiated allegations that Microsoft, and certain resellers paid money to bureaucrats to win software contracts.

Photovoltaic wars show Japan gets a boost

A market research firm said Japan is set to overtake both Japan and the USA in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) capacity.

These residential vertical forests help clean the air

There are some fanciful architectural designs that look wonderful, almost dreamlike, in drawings, but you know will almost never get built in the real world.

Wikipedia shuts Italian site as parliament debates censorship law

Wikipedia has shut down its Italian site, in protest at the proposed introduction of a law forcing websites to remove any posts that their subject deems upsetting.

Google Autocomplete is libelous, rules Italian court

On April 1, Google announced that it was hiring 'autocompleters' to make helpful suggestions to users making searches. That was a joke: this isn't.

Team travels the Silk Road in driverless cars

An Italian engineering team has waved off two vehicles set to cover the 8,000 miles to China - without drivers.

Google to help publishers create paywalls

Google is reported to be working on a one-click micropayment system allowing newspapers to charge for content accessed through Google Search.

New reactor aims for fusion ignition

Russia and Italy have agreed to build a new fusion reactor outside Moscow that they hope could become the first to achieve ignition - the point where a fusion reaction becomes self-sustaining instead of requiring a constant input of energy.

Italy could break the Internet

Italy could shoot itself in the foot and seriously harm freedom of speech and the Internet according to Google, which recently saw three top execs convicted in absentee for content hosted briefly on YouTube which had nothing to do them.