More women should work in IT

Women are still falling behind in the information technology and computing job front, which could have an impact on innovation, standards body IEEE said.

US intelligence wants to recruit an IT army

US intelligence networks are short of IT staff and have had to go cap in hand to the senate to ask them to hire more. According to the Washington Times, the plague of foreign hackers has become the new terrorism, and the security threat is starting to become the nation's biggest headache.

The Woz talks tech for 2013

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak offers his tech predictions for 2013 and beyond. 

Stephen King’s It is up for a reboot

Lord of the Rings proved Hollywood can deliver an epic story in several parts with loyal fans coming back every year.

What is AMD’s new secret weapon?

I recently shared a panel with AMD’s IT team at CIO 100. After leaving the event, I realized AMD's IT organization may very well be the company's secret weapon.  

Autism more common in hi-tech areas

Autism is more common in geographical areas with a high proportion of engineers and IT specialists, a Cambridge University study has found. And, they say, this may be partly because autism is linked to skills seen as desirable in a tech-savvy society.