Samsung knocks Nokia off smartphone top spot

The king is dead; long live the king. After a 14-year run, Nokia has finally lost its crown as the world's leading cellphone manufacturer.

Apple cuts profit margin with new iPad

Apple's making a smaller profit on its new iPads than on the previous model, a teardown by research firm iSuppli indicates.

It costs Samsung $334 to make a Chromebook

According to a recently published report, Samsung's cost of materials for the new Chromebook is just shy of $350.

Apple and Wal-Mart slug it out in online movie market

Apple iTunes is still way ahead of the pack in the online movie sales business - but its market share fell last year and it needs to watch out for Wal-Mart, says analyst iSuppli.

Are tablets redefining entire industries?

Tablets like Apple's iPad are expected to act as a catalyst for the rapid convergence of consumers, computers and communications.

Sony Ericsson alters mobile strategy

Sony Ericsson is altering its mobile strategy to focus on lucrative, high-end smartphones.

Cardiac care goes wireless

Doctors may soon be able to remotely monitor cardiac activity by simply implanting a micro-electromechanical sensor in post-surgery heart patients.

$149 iPod nano costs Apple $45.10 to manufacture

Apple's sixth-generation 8GB iPod nano - which carries a hefty $149 price tag - reportedly costs Club Cupertino $45.10 (per unit) to manufacture. This adds up to approximately 30 percent of its retail price.

Tablet craze jumpstarts NAND Flash market

The use of NAND Flash memory in popular tablets such as Apple's iPad and competing Android devices is expected to triple in 2011.

...And wireless for all

The number of worldwide subscriptions for wireless services is poised to hit 5 billion this month - equaling approximately 73.4% of the earth's total human population.

Smartphones jumpstart automotive infotainment

Smartphones running iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and BlackBerry (RIM) are helping to jumpstart the relatively nascent automotive infotaintment industry.

Can Apple conquer the American living room?

Apple currently dominates the MP3 market and has successfully wooed the masses with its shiny lineup of iPhones. But is Steve Jobs ready to conquer American living rooms with his next-gen Apple TV?

Report: Apple iPad to dominate tablet market for years

Apple's popular iPad is expected to dominate the tablet market until at least 2012.

RIM clarifies $99 Torch price point

The cost of a single BlackBerry Torch may total $171.05, but Amazon is currently offering the smartphone at a sweet $99 price point.

Are cell phones replacing handheld gaming consoles?

The video game industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift as attention turns away from consoles and handhelds towards the rapidly growing cell phone market.

Analyst says Android will vanquish Apple

Android is expected to surpass Apple in global smartphone market share by the year 2012.

Internet-enabled TV more popular than 3D

3D movies such as Avatar may be all the rage, but enthusiasm for the relatively nascent medium has yet to significantly accelerate mainstream adoption of 3D-enabled television sets. 

China cracks down on gray-market cell phones

Beijing has finally moved to curtail China's infamous "gray" cell phone market.

Is Apple a victim of its own success?

Apple's difficulty in satisfying the massive demand for its iPhone 4 has reportedly prompted frustrated consumers to consider purchasing alternative smartphone models.

It costs Apple $187.51 to make an iPhone 4

The metal and gadgetry that holds everything together in the iPhone 4 costs $187.51, roughly $20 more than the components of an iPhone 3GS.