Flight simulator gives 360-degree immersion

Belgian company Barco has unveiled what's probably the most advanced flight-training simulator in the world, a fully immersive, 360 degree system using rear projection.

Wave-powered generator ready for prime time?

SDE Energy, the manufacturer of a wave-powered hydraulic generator, claims its technology can produce electricity cheaper than other renewables.

U.S. invokes Patriot Act as WikiLeaks dumps more data

The U.S. government has reportedly invoked the controversial Patriot Act as a legal basis for demanding data from Internet provider Dynadot about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Israel gives go-ahead to Street View

Israel's Justice Ministry has given the green light to Google's Street View cars, which will start capturing images of Jerusalem as soon as next month.

Apple removes app per Israel's request

Apple has kicked out an app from the iTunes App Store after receiving a complaint directly from the government of Israel.

Solar power feeds into Israeli power grid

The desert might seem like the most obvious place to take advantage of solar power, but most view the space as barren wasteland.

Lawyer sues Zuckerberg for endangering his life

A US lawyer is suing Facebook for more than $1 million after, he says, it put his life in danger after being too slow to remove a radical Palestinian page.

Israeli startup with more users than Twitter may sell for billions

You may have never heard of it but the Israeli startup Conduit has half as many users as Facebook, more users than LinkedIn and Twitter, and it’s for sale.

Israel teams with Russia on space research

Israel and Russia have signed a deal to cooperate and share technology in space research and exploration.

Can terrorist attacks be predicted before they happen?

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has developed an advanced security system capable of automatically flagging suspicious individuals and activity within a designated area.

Stuxnet mystery deepens

Security researchers have discovered an obscure biblical reference hidden in the complex code of a powerful, yet enigmatic worm known as Stuxnet.

IDF shifts focus to cyber warfare

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) - which now classifies cyber warfare as a "central strategic pillar" - has reportedly established a military intelligence (MI) unit capable of engaging in both defensive and offensive digital warfare.

Stuxnet worm targets Iranian nuclear infrastructure

A high-ranking Iranian official recently acknowledged that at least 30,000 computers belonging to classified "industrial units" have been infected and subsequently disabled by the enigmatic Stuxnet worm.

Israeli government buys Twitter account from porn merchant

The Israeli government has bought the @Israel Twitter account from the owner of a pornographic website.

Israelites celebrate! Ban on iPads lifted

Claiming that it has competing a security investigation on the ramifications of iPads inside the country, Israel will no longer confiscate the device from citizens who have "smuggled" one in.

IDF unfriends soldier over Facebook leak

Israel was forced to abort a military raid on a West bank village after a soldier posted details on his Facebook page.