Patent trolls get a good kicking

Mass suing by copyright trolls could be about to be consigned to the dustbin of legal history, according to the Mail Tribune .

Cops call for Tor to be switched off

Japanese authorities are approaching ISPs in a bid to get them to switch off the Tor network.

Kickass Torrents has ass kicked

A British high court order has spurred top ISPs to block three of the largest BitTorrent sites.

Netflix publishes ISP speed rankings - Google Fiber wins

  Google Fiber is the fastest ISP when it comes to video streaming, says Netflix, which is promising monthly reports on ISP performance.

ISPs now more truthful about broadband speeds

ISPs are delivering broadband speeds closer to those they advertise, and in many cases are even exceeding their claims, says the FCC.

Pirate Bay faces UK blockade

The Pirate Bay could be blocked in the UK following a court ruling that it illegally encourages users to infringe music copyright.

Unplugging: ISPs wage war against music piracy

When was the last time you illegally downloaded music or movies? You may not remember, but there could be some watching who will. Hey, don’t look at us . . . MXDWN is just the messenger!

Hollywood and ISPs in anti-piracy crackdown

A number of prominent ISPs have joined forces with movie and music studios in an effort to curtail online "piracy."

Egypt emerges from internet blackout

Egypt is back on the internet, after a five-day shut-down linked to unrest in the country.

Egypt unplugs from the internet

Egypt is effectively offline, after the government cut off almost all internet access late last night.

Half the world's spam comes from just 50 ISPs

Just 50 ISPs are responsible for the bulk of the world's spam, a new study shows, bringing hope that it might be a little easier than expected to wipe out some of the world's most prolific botnets.

UK proposes scrapping net neutrality

The UK would abolish net neutrality, under proposals put forward by communications minister Ed Vaizey yesterday.

ISPs across Europe raided in file-sharing investigation

Police forces across Europe conducted raids this morning on the premises of ISPs and private individuals over suspicions that they were illegaly file-sharing.

Net neutrality organization set up

Microsoft, Intel and Google have teamed up with ISPs and others to create a broadband technical group advising on net neutrality and other issues.

Carriers concerned FCC 'light touch' won't be light enough

Internet providers have shown a mixed reaction to an FCC announcement that it intends to pursue a 'light touch' policy on broadband regulation.