Iron Man debut comic sells for $375,000

DC Comics experienced a big turn around last year when the company essentially reinvented itself and actually managed to outpace Marvel in sales.

Marvel movie marathon already sold out

I love the fact that movie marathons are coming back, especially since I thought they were done in the age of the multi-plex

Avengers featurette builds the team

Marvel has released an origin-oriented featurette that depicts how the upcoming Avengers film became a reality.

Iron Man's imminent return

The first Iron Man, directed by Jon Faverau, was a hell of a flick, one of the best comic adaptations in quite some time.

New Avengers trailer hits the 'Net

Marvel Studios has released its Russian-language trailer for The Avengers. The new clip features a number of different scenes that help expand the world depicted in the original English-language trailer.

The Avengers are going 3D

Disney has confirmed that its upcoming Avengers film will receive post-production 3D treatment - with the movie hitting theaters this summer in both 2D and 3D.

No romance for The Avengers

Romantic sub-plots are a staple of super hero films. Yet, they will be conspicuously absent in Joss Whedon's Avengers.

The evolution of Marvel and DC

The major publishers of super hero comic books are clearly going through some steep transitions. There are ups and downs, and neither DC or Marvel is immune to woes.

On Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath & Iron Man

All lovers of heavy music truly owe Tony Iommi an enormous debt.

Marvel making big cuts to print division

While Marvel’s film studio is producing the most popular super hero films in decades, their comic books and graphic novels are in a sales slump, especially compared with rival DC Comics.

Avengers 2 will anchor a second ‘wave’ of Marvel films

The cast and crew of the upcoming ensemble superhero film The Avengers met up for a panel at New York Comic-Con this weekend.

The Avengers trailer is here

Marvel and Paramount Pictures have released the first official trailer for their upcoming ensemble superhero film, The Avengers.

Marvel sets up comic tie-in for The Avengers

In an almost surreal turn, Marvel has confirmed it will be releasing Road to the Avengers - a comicbook based on the Marvel Film Universe canon - this spring.

Marvel film canon to include Doctor Strange and other obscure characters

Marvel has been doing it right with their films lately, with every movie since Iron Man ranking as a critical and financial blockbuster.

Favreau: The Avengers was a bit of an accident

At the recent Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex Film Festival, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr. sat down to talk about The Avengers.

GeekStock Lollapalooza hits L.A.

Whatever hyperbole you use to describe it, a superhero lollapalooza, a geek Woodstock, a deeply religious experience for comics fans, The Hero Complex Festival had to be enormous fun for superhero and film fans everywhere.

Raytheon designs Iron Man exoskeleton

A team of scientists and engineers at Raytheon are designing an advanced military robotic suit that could eventually be worn by US troops on future battlefields.

Marvel is in fact interested in 3D movies

Although Marvel's film studios specifically decided not to incorporate 3D into Iron Man 2, they will step into the big cinema craze with future productions.

Marvel brings comics to the iPad

Marvel Entertainment has launched an app for the iPad that offers easy access to over 500 comic books, including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk and Thor.