Newly discovered ocean plume could be major source of iron

Scientists have discovered a vast plume of iron and other micronutrients more than 1,000 km long billowing from hydrothermal vents in the South Atlantic Ocean. The finding, soon to be published in the journal Nature Geoscience, calls past estimates of iron abundances into question, and may challenge researchers’ assumptions about iron sources in the world’s seas.

Huge ocean fertilization project 'breaches geoengineering rules'

A project pitched to locals as a way to boost salmon stocks was in fact a major geoengineering effort that breaches UN rules, it's been claimed.

Seeding oceans with iron could help limit global warming

A team of German researchers believe stimulating the growth of algae in our oceans may offer a viable method of removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Earth's core is melting - and freezing

The inner core of the Earth appears to be simultaneously melting and freezing, because of heat circulation in the rocky mantle that covers it.

Ocean seeding wouldn't halt climate change, says team

Seeding the oceans with iron to combat global warming might be ineffective as well as risky, it seems.