Tethered drones can spy indefinitely

New drones use a tether for power - significantly increasing their duration.

iRobot unveils robot with inflatable manipulating arm

Personally, I think robots are great, as I can't wait until I can have one that will keep my house clean and my lawn mowed.

Newest Roomba has advanced remote control

Welcome the newest member of the Roomba family.

Robotic pollution-aware fish released to the wild

There are now robots swimming alongside real fish.

Meet the most powerful Scooba yet

The Scooba 390 has just been introduced by iRobot.

Video: iRobot goes to war

iRobot has released a video showcasing the military capabilities of its 110 FirstLook robot.

Next-gen iRobots vacuum and mop

When iRobot announced the first home cleaning robot, it seemed like more of a Jetson style fantasy than a reality. But iRobot has sold over 5 million robotic vacuums and the design has come a long way its debut.

US Army to upgrade autonomous droids with advanced AI

The US Army is examining various ways of upgrading the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its tactical robot fleet.

US Air Force recruits 70 bomb-busting ‘bots

The US Air Force is recruiting 70 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGV) to help airmen dispose of lethal explosive ordnance in the field.