Samsung Gear smartwatch is a shot across Android's bow

Nautically, a shot across the bow is a signal to do battle, often leading to surrender. It's unlikely that Google will be cowed by Samsung, and it is not even certain that the smartwatch market will be anything other than one device too many for consumers who are facing a barrage of wearable device choices.

Smartwatch watching: Samsung is getting in on the action

Going all Dick Tracey on the world is what Apple, Sony, Samsung - and everyone else with a wristband - is aiming to do. Will we die of boredom waiting for something that we had hoped never to wear again? Probably. Until someone comes up with a smartpocketwatch that dangles from a chain attached to your vest and can tell you exactly where the stagecoach from Tuscon is on Google Maps.  

Apple to replace overheating iPod Nanos

Apple's admitted that some of its iPod Nanos have been overheating, and is offering users replacements.

Apple patent reveals future iPod nano specs

A recently discovered patent indicates that Apple may be planning to add a camera and additional sensors to future generations of its multi-touch iPod nano.

$149 iPod nano costs Apple $45.10 to manufacture

Apple's sixth-generation 8GB iPod nano - which carries a hefty $149 price tag - reportedly costs Club Cupertino $45.10 (per unit) to manufacture. This adds up to approximately 30 percent of its retail price.

Apple iPod nano goes Multi-Touch

Apple’s new iPod nano - which features a slick Multi-Touch interface - is looking very cool and tempting indeed.