How to Turn an Old iPod Into a Recovery Drive for Your Mac

If you have an old iPod sitting around collecting dust, you might as well get some use out of it. One way to do that is to turn it into a bootable drive where you can troubleshoot, test out other operating systems, or just run a few quick ...

The fall of Apple and rise of Blackberry - what comes around goes around

Blackberry was the most powerful smartphone vendor just a short decade ago. Indeed, the corporation managed to translate its massively successful two-way pager business into what was ultimately dubbed the Crackberry, simply because people were so addicted to them. 

Apple showcases revamped iPod lineup

Apple showcased its revamped iPod lineup this afternoon at the iPhone 5 launch event in San Francisco, California. 

AOC touts Aire monitor for iPhones and iPods

AOC has debuted a new and very cool monitor that will work with your PC or Mac - and also includes a  docking station for an iPhone or iPod.

Today's teens set for early hearing loss?

As many as a quarter of today's teens could start losing their hearing in their thirties, say Tel Aviv University researchers studying the effects of MP3 players.

Apple teases Black Friday deals

Apple has put up a number of teaser pages advertising a "one-day shopping event" on Black Friday. 

Father of the iPod reinvents the thermostat

The creator of the iPod has developed a new must-have gadget, a - wait for it - thermostat.

Today is the iPod's 10th anniversary

While many Apple fans are rightly still in mourning mode, there's a momentous occasion worth celebrating today.

Apple refreshes iPod lineup

Apple has refreshed its iPod lineup, adding new features and pricing to its popular Touch and Nano devices.

Steve Jobs dismisses rumors of his successor

Apple CEO and cancer survivor Steve Jobs is not keen on discussing speculation about who will replace him when the inevitable happens.

Apple rakes in $7.31 billion profit for Q3

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2011 third quarter, which ended on June 25. 

Will Apple enter the HDTV market?

Although numerous reports suggest Apple is poised to enter the HDTV market, one analyst says such a move isn't necessarily a foregone conclusion.

Sony's S1 and S2 tablets: Another shot at Apple, another miss

Sony and Apple have become natural competitors over the years.

RIP Zune: How Microsoft could have succeeded

It appears Microsoft is pulling the plug on Zune hardware. I actually had a lot of hope for the media player when it was first announced in 2006.

Samsung's Galaxy Player targets Apple's iPod

Samsung is reportedly preparing to take on Apple's popular iPod with a tricked-out Android MP3 player.

Is Apple's AirPlay a game changer?

Does Apple's AirPlay have what it takes to revolutionize the consumer audio industry once again?

Apple's A4 processor takes center stage

Apple has deployed its indigenously designed ARM-based A4 processor in a number of new devices, including the iPad, iPhone 4 and upgraded iPod touch.

Personal music players may be making teens deaf

A new study has reignited the debate on whether iPods and the like cause hearing loss. Abbey Berg of New York's Pace University tracked 8,710 girls, whose average age was about 16, for 24 years. She found that during this period, high-frequency hearing loss — a common result of too much noise — nearly doubled, from 10.1 percent in 1985 to 19.2 percent.

What will Apple unveil on September 1?

Apple is clearly planning something big for September 1st. But what will Steve Jobs unveil during his anticipated keynote address in San Francisco, California?

Huge increase in deafness linked to iPods

IPods and MP3 players may be making teenagers deaf, new research suggests.