Steve Wozniak sings Android praises

Steve 'The Woz' Wozniak has become an unexpected voice for the benefits of Apple's rival Android platform.

Amazon bypasses iTunes App Store commission

Amazon has just set up shop for iPad e-book customers, but plans on giving no cut of its sales to Apple.

Sony brings Music Unlimited to iOS

Sony's digital music platform is getting a big boost as it makes its way to the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung smartphone brand awareness explodes

A new survey shows that consumers are starting to rally around Samsung when it comes to thinking about their next smartphone.

Xbox Live might come to iPhone, Android?

One of the most distinguishing and highly differentiated features of Windows Phone might lose its Windows Phone exclusivity.

AOC touts Aire monitor for iPhones and iPods

AOC has debuted a new and very cool monitor that will work with your PC or Mac - and also includes a  docking station for an iPhone or iPod.

iPad owners just can’t get enough apps

Owners of Apple’s wildly popular iPad tablet just can’t seem to get enough apps. 

There are 300 million mobile Facebook users

So not only is Facebook one of the most popular sites to visit from your computer, it's also got just about the highest penetration rate among mobile users.

Can smartphones replace traditional cameras?

Smartphones - rather than traditional cameras - are apparently becoming the go-to devices for users taking casual photos and videos on the fly.

AT&T wins go-ahead for Qualcomm spectrum purchase

AT&T may have failed in its bid to take over T-Mobile, but it has at least gained regulatory approval for its purchase of wireless spectrum from Qualcomm.

Intel eyes mobile market with Medfield

The smartphone and tablet markets are currently dominated by ARM's low-power sipping RISC chips. However, Intel is hoping to enter the hyper-competitive space in 2012 with its x86 Medfield SoC.

Apple bolsters flash memory arsenal with Anobit purchase

Apple has clinched an acquisition deal with flash memory maker Anobit, which is based in the Israeli city of Herzliya Pituach. 

Rumor: Apple working on "wearable" Siri devices

So imagine this - you're walking down the street,  want to know how to get to your friend's house, and simply raise your wrist to ask for directions.

When it comes to Facebook apps, Android wins

The Facebook for Android app has just leapfrogged ahead of Facebook for iPhone in the number of daily active users.

That Rainbow Roll safe? Check the Safe Sushi app

If you love eating sushi, but worry about high mercury levels in fish, there is a new app that can help. 

Are kids fed up with their iPhones?

Nokia apparently believes kids are fed up with Apple's wildly popular iPhone. If you ask me, this controversial claim is incredibly reminiscent of Steve Ballmer insisting the iPhone would have no real chance of succeeding in the mobile market.

Zite comes to iPhone

The Zite digital magazine platform that had been busy nestling a home in the iPad has now been updated to add iPhone support.

Apple lists bests games of 2011

Did your favorite iPhone or iPad games make the list of this year's top sellers?

AT&T throttles iPhone data hogs to 2G speeds

AT&T has reportedly begun throttling the top 5% of its data users to, yes, you guessed it, 2G speeds.

OnLive brings cloud gaming to mobile

Cloud gaming company OnLive is launching a free app that brings instant play of console-class games to smartphones and tablets via Wifi and 4G LTE.