iTether beats App Store blockade by going HTML 5

A few happy iPhone users were able to get their hands on iTether last year when the app was briefly on Apple's App Store.

Major app dev Mika Mobile drops Android support

Mika Mobile, the company behind popular mobile games like Battleheart and Zombieville USA, will no longer be supporting Android.

New iOS update shows misleading 4G icon

People with an iPhone 4S who have downloaded the latest firmware update noticed a surprising change.

US smartphone penetration reaches 100 million

There are enough smartphones in the US to account for nearly one in every three Americans.

Android, iPhone subject to FTC photo privacy probe

High-profile Senator Charles Schumer has called on the FTC to conduct a probe into privacy concerns on the iPhone and Android.

Apple patent application showcases 3D interface

A new Apple patent application has been spied that outlines some really cool ideas Cupertino may be considering for future user interfaces.

Twitter updates mobile apps, goes to Kindle Fire

Twitter has just rolled out updates to its official mobile apps, and as part of the process has released a Kindle Fire-optimized version of its Android app.

Bogus Pokemon game makes waves in App Store

Somehow, an unofficial game managed to get approved in the Apple App Store and has made its way up to #2 in the list of top paid apps.

Apple eyes September launch for sixth-gen iPhone

Apple is reportedly eyeing a September or October launch for its sixth-generation iPhone. 

Google accused of illicit iPhone tracking

Google's been accused of 'tricking' Safari to bypass security settings and track iPhone and iPad users' locations through cookies.

Apple's iPhone is more popular than ever

Apple became the world's top smartphone vendor during the fourth quarter of 2011, with an impressive market share of 23.8%. 

Twitter scrutinized for storing contact info

If you know someone who has a Twitter account, chances are your contact info is on the site's servers, even if you've never been to

Apple jumps to third place in global mobile market

It's certainly not news that Apple is doing well in the US, or in the worldwide smartphone market, but now it's making a significant mark on the entire global handset industry.

Are Android users easy?

Well, this is worth knowing: Android users are more likely to have sex on a first date, according to a Canadian survey.

Nokia still top mobile phone maker

Despite all the major setbacks and negative publicity Nokia has faced over the last year or so, it is still actually the #1 manufacturer of cell phones.

Android suffers first-ever market share decline

For the first time since it 2008 introduction, Android's position in the smartphone wars has dipped.

2015: Android #1, Windows Phone #2?

In three years, it's suggested that Windows Phone will leapfrog ahead Apple's iOS platform.

Nike introduces 'smart' fitness wristband

Nike has unveiled a new product that will help users track their physical activity and keep them motivated to stay active.

AT&T rumored to increase data fees

AT&T, the first major carrier in the US to stop offering unlimited data will soon start charging even more for its mobile network.

Nissan brings car-scratching solvent to iPhone

A new iPhone 4/iPhone 4S protective case has been released from an unlikely manufacturer.