Report: Verizon reps trained to peddle Android over iPhone

It seems like Verizon may be training its sales associates to convince customers to buy an LTE Android phone instead of an iPhone.

TGI Friday's lets you pay with your smartphone

The days of waiting for your check are over.

Magic the Gathering creator works on mobile game

Even people with connections are turning to Kickstarter.

Square mobile payments reach $5 billion/year

The company that pioneered the idea of turning any smartphone into a credit card reader is continuing to grow.

Apple profits soar on record iPhone sales

Apple's profits almost doubled in the first quarter of this year compared with last, hitting $11.6 billion. Revenue increased 59 percent to reach $39.2 billion.

Oracle considered buying RIM and/or Palm

In another world, we might be talking about an Oracle-branded smartphone.

How Nokia can beat the iPhone

Despite a number of initial teething problems, Nokia's Lumia 900 may be the closest a Windows Phone 7 device has ever come to beating Apple's wildly popular iPhone. 

Verizon to implement upgrade fee

Gone are the days of hassle-free smartphone upgrades.

Report: Next-gen iPhone to feature sleek redesign

Apple’s next-gen iPhone will reportedly feature a sleek new redesign in the form of a single unibody frame.

Max Payne on its way to Android and iPhone

The gritty shooter game franchise is set to invade the mobile market.

Microsoft reportedly paying app developers

If the lack of Windows Phone handsets on the market doesn't entice you to develop apps for Microsoft's platform, what about cold, hard cash?

Video: Curvy touchscreens becoming a reality

A company called Atmel is pioneering what could be a revolution in mobile displays.

Android now commands 50.1% of US smartphone market

Google's mobile operating system is now on the majority of smartphones in the US.

Report: Next iPhone is going 4G LTE

Apple's iPhone may have set the mobile bar in terms of user interface (UI), performance and apps, but the popular handset lags well behind Android when it comes to connectivity options.

Updated: Angry Birds Space to arrvive (eventually) on WP7

The latest version of the smash casual gaming hit will eventually make its way to Microsoft's mobile platform.

The iPhone overtakes RIM in Canada

Research in Motion's Blackberry brand is now struggling to be the leader in the company's home market of Canada.

Angry Birds officially enter Space

The latest in everyone's favorite bird-slinging game franchise has arrived.

Angry Birds invades Walmart

If you're one of the millions of Angry Birds fans in the US, head to Walmart.

PayPal launches mobile payment system for small businesses

PayPal's launched a new mobile payment service aimed at smaller vendors that allows customers to make several different types of payment using their mobile phone.

Hacking legend George Hotz arrested for marijuana

He was able to break crack the iPhone without consequence and survived a David-vs-Goliath battle with Sony, but now there's something that has defeated him.