Dropbox updates iPhone app

Leading online cloud service Dropbox has just updated its app for the iPhone and iPad.

Xbox iPhone app becomes mobile remote control

Microsoft is making good on its promise to turn smartphones into a second screen for the Xbox 360.

Automotive industry partners with Apple on Siri

A number of automotive manufacturers currently integrate hands-free technology in their automobiles, allowing drivers to focus on driving, rather than manually accessing various devices.

Amazon Cloud Player finally comes to iPhone

After being made natively available for Android from day one, Amazon's streaming music service is now available for the rival mobile platform.

Cloud service Dropbox adds video streaming

The cloud just keeps getting better and better.

Leaving Android and RIM for Apple's iPhone

It's no secret that Apple's sleek iPhone is the most popular single smartphone on the market.

Galaxy S III loses in iPhone 4 drop test

Samsung's newest phone may have generated a lot of buzz, but it doesn't win this latest test.

Facebook Credits now use mobile carrier billing

Making in-app purchases for social games just got a bit easier.

Netflix updates iPhone app to help curb data use

The leader in online video just updated its iPhone app.

Mitt Romney iPhone app misspells "America"

When it comes to politics these days, being technologically savvy is a must.

Facebook launches Camera photo-sharing app

Life goes on, IPO or no IPO, and yesterday Facebook released a new Camera for iOS app that allows users to shoot, filter and share photos.

Analyst sees next-gen iPhone launch in October

A PiperJaffray analyst believes Apple will unveil its next-gen iPhone with a "completely redesigned body style" in October 2012.

Next iPhone may feature a larger display

Apple rumors never die, they just multiply. The latest?

2012 Olympics will be fully streamed online

There will not be one moment of the Olympics that is left untouched.

Google eyes Chrome browser for iOS

Google is reportedly coding an iOS-specific version of its Chrome browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Mastercard launches 'Paypass Wallet' platform

Mastercard is hoping to define what it means to be a payment solutions provider in the 21st century.

Nielsen: more than half of Americans have smartphones

It isn't the first research group to suggest this, but Nielsen now says if you don't own a smartphone in the US, you're a minority.

Apple takes legal action to obtain iphone5.com

Apple never had the foresight to register the domain iphone5.com, and is now taking strong measures to wrest it away from its current ownership.

Government execs ditch BlackBerry for iPhone and Android

There was a time when BlackBerry maker RIM dominated the rather lucrative enterprise and government spaces.

Samsung targets the iPhone with Galaxy S III

Samsung has debuted its long-awaited Galaxy S III, a slick smartphone loaded with some truly sweet and stellar specs that is sure to make even the most diehard Apple iPhone fanboi slightly envious.