Apple CPU master returns to AMD

AMD has confirmed the hire of CPU master Jim Keller, a high-level chip architect who previously worked at Apple designing custom ARM-based processors for the iPad and iPhone.

Consumers no longer want to pay for games

What do you think happens when the "freemium" business model becomes the norm across mobile platforms and MMOs?

Android smartphone market share declines slightly

Handsets powered by Google’s popular Android operating system have apparently lost some ground to Apple’s iPhone in the lucrative US smartphone space.

Report: Next-gen iOS devices launch on September 12

A new report claims that an upcoming (and as yet) unannounced Apple event will be held on September 12 during which three new iOS devices are slated to be unveiled, including the next-gen iPhone, iPad Mini and iPod Nano.

Apple patent highlights NFC tech

A newly uncovered Apple patent shows that the iPhone 5 is likely to have NFC functionality.

Apple results disappoint analysts

Despite selling 17 million iPads during the third quarter this year, Apple's missed analysts' estimates for the second time since 2003.

Apple iPhone report sees thinner screen

Reports about the next-generation iPhone - dubbed the iPhone 5 by certain publications and analysts - have reached a crescendo pitch.

Amazing Alex shoots to top of mobile charts

Rovio's new mobile game is following in its predecessor's footsteps.

Google rules the smartphone market with Android

Google's mobile Android operating system continues to dominate the smartphone market, claiming a whopping 51.8% of the lucrative space in June 2012.

Mobile app Uber lets you summon ice cream trucks

I scream, you scream, we all scream for on-demand ice cream!

iPad sales increase as PC shipments slow

Apple is projected to report record breaking sales of 20 million iPads during the just-concluded June quarter. 

Will Wright: console business guys "running scared"

Legendary game designer Will Wright says he sees a sense of paranoia among those in the traditional console gaming business.

Ex-Nokia employees to revive Meego

Here's an interesting twist in the smartphone race.

Report: Next-gen iPhone powered by Exynos 4 architecture

Apple’s next-gen iPhone may be powered by a quad-core ARM chip built around Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture.

Chrome comes to iOS

Google's Chrome browser is now available for the first time for the iPad and iPhone, free from Apple's App Store.

Virgin Mobile's iPhone goes on sale

The iPhone is now available through yet another mobile carrier.

RIM's downward spiral continues

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) is reportedly mulling over the possibility of splitting its struggling business into two distinct entities.

Cricket prepaid iPhone launch a success

Cricket has released what is no doubt its most popular phone yet.

Newest mobile sensation is Songza

The latest zero-to-hero story on the iPhone App Store is an app called Songza.

Portable iPhone lighting studio The Kick is a hit

There's a new product in the works that aims to turn your iPhone into an even more professional camera device.