Analyst says Apple HDTV launch likely in 2013

Analyst believes design will be the prominent selling point for Apple's upcoming HDTV set, along with  support for unbundled TV channels.

Virtual keyboard picks up surface vibrations

A Swiss designer says he's given the iPhone a virtual keyboard on any surface by using its accelerometer to detect vibrations.

Is a Blackberry bad for your health?

Allergy sufferers beware - Blackberry phones may be worse for your health than an iPhone or Android phone.

Apple loses trademark battle with Mexico's iFone

Apple has reportedly failed in an attempt to prevent a Mexican company  from trading under its own name - despite the fact that iFone filed for a trademark four years before the iPhone was trademarked.

Samsung's Galaxy S III hits 30 million units

Samsung confirms that sales of its flagship Galaxy SIII smartphone have hit 30 million units in just 150 days.

This Pinch interface creates ad hoc video walls

Pinch interface can create video walls and more on the fly.

Apple files theft detection patent

In future, Siri could shriek 'Help! Help', when someone tries to steal your iPhone from your pocket.

Pentagon replacing Blackberry with iOS, Android

The Pentagon has decided to roll out Android phones and iPhones to its more than 100,000 employees.

61% of iOS devices running iOS 6

Approximately 2% of all Android devices are using the most up-to-date firmware; how does that compare with iOS? Well, according to industry tracker Chitika, about 61% of all mobile Apple devices are now powered by the latest version of the iOS operating system.

Pair sues Apple over iPhone locking

Two iPhone users have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that it's violating anti-trust laws by locking the phones to AT&T.

Smartphones: one billion served

There are now more than one billion smartphone users across the globe.

Consumer Reports: Purple haze not an iPhone 5 issue

Consumer Reports is defending its positive review of the iPhone 5, saying the recent flare-up about the device's camera is an issue common across many smartphones.

Slingbox makes a comeback

For the first time in years, a pair of new Slingboxes have been unveiled.

Protecting you and your mobile BYOD

A recent survey indicates that BYOD users are concerned about their employers' ability to access personal information from mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.

World mourns again on anniversary of Jobs death

The Internet is flooded with fresh praise and memories of the life of Steve Jobs today.

Starbucks Square partnership gets official

Starting next month, you'll be able to pay for your coffee with Square Wallet.

Tim Cook officially apologizes for Apple maps

Cook says sorry for less than stellar maps.

Apple music logo trademark rejected

Apparently Apple doesn't always win when it comes to intellectual property law.

Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies debuts

Everyone's favorite game about spherical birds just got a new spinoff.

The dissatisfied maps of iOS 6

A recent survey conducted by a consumer research firm known as On Device recently polled 16,000 Apple iPhone owners in the United States.