Netflix packs a pocket punch to iPhone, iPod Touch

Adding to its slate of support on the iPad as well a game systems, Blu-ray players, and Internet-connected TVs, Netflix has now found millions of potential new homes with support for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dallas man watches live on iPhone as home is robbed

For Dallas resident Vince Hunter, the $4.99 he paid for his iCam iPhone app proved to be more than worth it when he was notified about motion sensors going off in his house and then watched in real-time as burglars broke through his windows.

Credit card scanner comes to iPhone, Apple Stores

Business software specialist Intuit is bringing an entire credit card payment solution to the iPhone, an addition that will help boost the device's presence among small business users.

RIM buys Cellmania to compete with Apple's App Store

In its continuing quest to somehow make inroads against the iPhone and Android markets, Blackberry maker Research in Motion has acquired mobile software company Cellmania.

Imagining the 5th-gen iPhone and the 2nd-gen iPad

Apple’s iPhone set the current baseline for a high-end smartphone. But during this week’s analyst conference, Qualcomm is outlining what it could become.

Google updates iPhone app for seamless Gmail access

Let's face it - even if you're not a Google Android fanboy you probably still have a Gmail account. Google has just rolled out a new mobile app that makes checking that e-mail account a bit easier on the iPhone.

Microsoft hypes Windows Phone 7 before launch

Redmond's overpaid marketing hacks are once again spinning the gilded PR wheel for all it is worth. That's right, Microsoft wants you to forget all about the embarrassing Kin debacle and focus on its newest Savior: Windows Phone 7.

Apple aims to patent kill switch for jailbreakers

Apple's continuing in its efforts to dictate exactly what its products are used for by applying for a patent on a way to prevent iPhone and iPod users from jailbreaking their devices.

iPhone accounts for 55 percent of mobile ads

More than half of smartphone ads appear on the Apple OS, according to figures from Millennial Media, but Android is catching up fast.

Nokia totally buys mobile analytics company Motally

In an effort to find its way back to a solid footing in the US marketplace, Nokia has reportedly acquired a company specializing in mobile research and analysis.

Facebook is going Places...Are you?

Facebook has launched a geo-location app that allows users to easily share their location with other members of the popular social networking site.

Arab teen's iPhone app reaches 800,000 downloads

Abdulrahman AlZanki is credited with quite possibly being the youngest entrepreneur in Kuwait, and at 14 years old he is nearing his millionth iPhone app sale.

Vimeo streams HTML5 video to Apple mobile devices

Vimeo is launching a universal player that allows owners of Apple mobile devices - such as the iPhone or iPad - to watch embedded videos in HTML5 format.

Blackberry Torch price slashed in half in less than a week

Despite a large media campaign and lofty marketing speak that suggested Blackberry's Torch phone was going to revolutionize the world, deep discounts are already hitting the brand new Blackberry.

Is Apple field testing a next-gen iPad?

Apple engineers may be close to field testing what appears to be a next-gen iPad or CDMA-enabled Verizon iPhone.

Rage hits 60 FPS on Apple iPhone 4

QuakeCon 2010 - id Software's John Carmack demoed an impressive version of Rage running at an amazing 60 FPS on an iPhone 4.

Apple patches PDF exploit with iOS update

Apple has patched a serious PDF exploit that affected a number of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Do iPhone users have the most sex?

Are snobby iPhone users having more sex than their Android and Blackberry counterparts?

New Mac Pro available for order

Customers can now purchase the latest Apple-branded computer, a monster 12-core system with two 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon "Westmere" processors, for around $5,000.

Apple shreds Papermaster over Antennagate

Apple is confirming the departure of iPhone-iPod chief Mark Papermaster, who was recruited from IBM less than two years ago.