Boy and dad shoot iPhone to space, capture video

The interpid duo put the phone into an insulated capsule which was then attached to a weather balloon. The balloon soared until it went outside the planet and then, at 100,000 feet above its deployment, the balloon burst.

There are now 300,000 apps on Apple's App Store

Think it's difficult navigating through all those available downloads on your iPhone? The App Store is adding 1,000 new titles every day and now totals a mind-boggling 300,000 apps.

Droids, iPhones - a germaphobe's wost nightmare

You always (hopefully) wash your hands after you use the restroom, make sure your countertops are clean, and turn your head whenever you need to sneeze or cough. But that phone sitting in your pocket may be the worst offender of all, and you don't even pay attention to it.

Sam's Club will also start selling iPads, iPhones

The warehouse club owned by the Wal-Mart corporation will follow its sister store and begin stocking iPads for sale tomorrow, helping to catapult the number of retails outlets offering the device to more than 2,300 stores in the US.

India reportedly now wants a CDMA iPhone

When Apple invests money into creating something new, you know it'll go all the way. So as long as it's creating a new version of the iPhone, it says it may as well start peddling it to other countries that use the same standard.

Verizon iPhone will have dual GSM/CDMA chip: report

The still-unconfirmed Verizon iPhone will be able to take advantage of Verizon's leading coverage area in the USA, but will also be able to make calls overseas thanks to a built-in receiver that not only taps into Verizon's leading CDMA network but also GSM networks as well.

Windows Phone 7: The power and danger of choice

Today a large number of Windows Phones were launched - but one of Apple’s greatest disadvantages and one of their greatest advantages is the limited choice of their phone.

Apple forces clone-maker to halt production

It's amazing it's taken this long, perhaps, but Apple has forced iPhone imitator Meizu to stop selling the iPhone lookalike M8.

Slide-on cases can crack iPhone glass

Apple may have another big iPhone 4 problem on its hands, with reports that the engineering team are scrabbling to deal with numerous complaints over cracked glass on the back of the phone.

New report sheds even more light on Verizon iPhone

A version of the iPhone capable of running on Verizon's CDMA-based mobile network will be manufactured at the end of 2010, leading the path to an early 2011 launch for the device.

Motorola accuses Apple of patent infringement

Motorola - once a stalwart Apple ally - is now accusing the Cupertino-based company of unlawfully infringing a number of its patents.

What will Apple's new iPhone look like?

What will Apple's new iPhone lineup look like? And when will Club Cupertino finally end its unpopular exclusivity arrangement with AT&T?

Google Goggles comes to the iPhone

Nearly a year after releasing it for Android, Google has launched its visual search app Google Goggles for the iPhone. Rather than launching it as a standalone app, Google's incorporated it into a new version of the Google Mobile App. Users can just tap the camera button to search, and the app will analyze the image, highlight any object it recognizes and provide a list of search results about the object or landmark in question.

Mainstream Android adoption accelerates

A recent survey conducted by ChangeWave indicates that Google's popular mobile Android OS is experiencing yet another surge in momentum.

Is Apple's AirPlay a game changer?

Does Apple's AirPlay have what it takes to revolutionize the consumer audio industry once again?

Apple and RIM: no more fart apps. Everyone else: Yay

In the world of smartphone apps, there's one universal problem that everyone can agree is really stupid: fart apps. So Apple and RIM have both decided to eliminate them altogether.

Ad traffic grows on Android as iPhone falls flat

One advertising firm has revealed that its reach on Android devices has only continued to grow while an iPhone plateau is causing Apple to take a backseat, suggesting the iPhone is losing ground in a very important market.

Overseas manufacturer says CDMA iPhone 4 on the docket

Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron has spilled the beans on the production of a CDMA version of the iPhone 4, all but confirming that the Apple phone is heading to Verizon in just a few months.

AT&T "not worried" about loss of iPhone exclusivity

As the carrier with the highest number of dropped calls, lowest customer satisfaction rating, and smallest 3G coverage area, AT&T's lifeblood over the last few years has been its iPhone exclusivity.

Coming soon: full Google Docs editing on Android, iPhone

You will soon be able to have complete access over Google Docs on your iPhone and Android devices, in a move that makes both platforms more attractive to business customers.