Android claims 70% smartphone market share

Strategy Analytics confirms that Google's wildly popular mobile operating system claimed approximately 70.1% of the lucrative smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2012.

TSMC to dominate 28nm chips in 2013, may have clinched deal with Apple

TSMC CEO Morris Chang says he expects his company to fab almost all silicon built on the 28nm process in 2013.

Is Apple no longer hella cool?

A company known Buzz Marketing says word on the teen street is that Apple may no longer be hella cool.

Phil Schiller says Apple won't build a "cheap" iPhone

Apple exec Phillip Schiller has responded to reports that Cupertino is planning to launch a contract-free iPhone at a significantly cheaper price point than its current handset lineup.

The hunt for the big tech product of 2013

This week kicks off the annual year-long hunt for the Big Tech Product of 2013. Fortunately, we already have some rather auspicious contenders.  

Apple already testing next-gen iPhone with iOS 7

Apple is reportedly testing the next iteration of its wildly popular iPhone, alongside the recently coded iOS 7.

Will consoles become a niche, hobbyist market?

"Console gaming was, and always is, appointment gaming. You have to set a time to play it, because it's in one fixed location..."

The Apple chips of Project Azalea

A number of US states are reportedly competing over the location of a mysterious company known as Azalea.

Apple eyes cheaper iPhones for the masses

A Piper Jaffray analyst believes a cheaper "iPhone for the masses" will likely be introduced by Apple at some point in the near future.

Video: YouTube debuts Capture for iPhone and iPod touch

Google has launched its new Captured app for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, with support for Android expected at some point in the near future.

Claim: Apple's iPhone may have peaked

It appears as if Apple's wildly popular iPhone lineup may have peaked as it faces an unprecedented onslaught from a new-generation of slick Android-powered handsets.

Apple loses iPhone patent case

Patent-licensing firm MobileMedia Ideas has won a case against Apple alleging that Apple infringed three of its patents - and says it's hopeful of winning against RIM and HTC too.

Amazon Instant Video app goes live for iPhone, iPod touch

iPad owners have had access since August, and now Amazon's Instant Video app has gone live for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

Google Maps is back on the iPhone

Google Maps is now back on the iPhone, following the outcry from users when Apple launched its own, disastrous maps app in September.

Analyst says new iPhone and iPad due in June

An analyst at Jeffries investment firm says Apple will roll out its next iPhone and iPad by June 2012, to be followed by a television set in the fall of 2013.

Video: Enter, says the DoorBot

There is certainly no lack of devices on the market that will allow you to remotely view just who is knocking at your front door.  

Apple wants to redefine television for a new age

Apple has redefined mobile computing over the years with its wildly popular iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. So what's next for Cupertino?

PhoneJoy wants to turn handsets into consoles

We've seen quite a few smartphone game controllers turn up on Kickstarter and other sites in recent months.

Siri Eyes Free tech headed to Chevy's Spark and Sonic

GM adds Siri voice technology to its small Spark and Sonic cars.

Video: Minecraft app taps augmented reality

Minecraft is a wildly popular game that spans multiple platforms, including mobile devices.