Sprint to employees: Don't comment on iPhone

Sprint has issued a memo to all employees to keep their lips shut about the potentiality of a Sprint-powered iPhone.

Apple and the post-Steve Jobs roundup

When Steve Jobs announced he was stepping down as the CEO of Apple, the industry's immediate reaction was one of genuine sadness mixed with speculation and concern about the company's future.

Report: Cheaper, 8 GB iPhone in the works

In addition to the new, updated iPhone sure to be announced any day now, there will be a smaller, cheaper model making headlines soon as well.

Developer code points to 4G LTE iPhone

There's new fuel to the fire of speculation that Apple is working on a 4G version of its inimitable iPhone product line.

Study: 25% of mobile finance apps pose security risks

You might want to be a little more careful the next time you plunk down all your private information into a personal finance app.

Latest Report: iPhone 5 on October 7

Take it for what it's worth, but the latest speculation puts the iPhone 5 on store shelves beginning October 7.

Analysis: FTC doles out child privacy fines to app maker

A popular developer for Apple's iOS platform being smacked with a $50,000 fine over child privacy is just one example of the challenges facing independent developers.

Introducing... the HiPhone 5?

Recently, reports surfaced of an Apple iPhone 5 miraculously emerging in China. 

Investors pressure Nintendo to go to iPhone

It may be time for Nintendo to finally branch away from its own proprietary hardware.

Facebook launches mobile messaging app

Blackberry's mobile messaging service has come in for a lot of attention in the last few days - not all of it positive. Undaunted, though, Facebook is launching its own version.

Windows Phone market share falling fast

Since the launch of Microsoft's new mobile operating system, the market share of Windows-powered smartphones has fallen 38%.

Apple updates iOS 5 developer tools

Apple surprised the development community over the weekend by making a rare Saturday update to the beta version of its next iPhone/iPad software.

Mobile malware explodes in first half of 2011

If you own an Android phone or iPhone, you're 2.5 more times likely to accidentally download malware today than you were in January.

Zynga's Words with Friends hitting Facebook

Game publisher Zynga, which rose to rockstar status after it released the Facebook adventure Farmville, has just announced its latest social offering.

Analyst: iPhone 5 could double iOS market share

The next version of the iPhone is poised to gather a whole lot of attention.

35% of US consumers want to buy an iPhone 5

A staggering survey has found that more than one-third of the US actually plans on buying Apple's next iPhone.

Step towards transparent gadgets - now, where did I put my phone?

Stanford University scientist Yi Cui says he wants a see-through iPhone - and he's done his bit to help create one by developing a transparent battery.

Next version of iOS may have face recognition

Your iPhone might soon be able to recognize you just by your face.

Bird's Eye app offers map-based view of the Twitterverse

Have you ever looked at people working their phones and wondered if they were tweeting about you or the people around you? 

Voice control possibly coming to iPhone 5

In an iOS update that may well be timed to correspond to the launch of the next iPhone, it looks like new voice features are on the way.