Inexpensive Apple iPhones on the way

Rumours of a cheaper iPhone have been floating around for ages, but this time around it's expected Apple will indeed introduce a low-cost version of the device, designed with emerging markets in mind.

Apple prompts massive hiring splurge

Foxconn has gone on a hiring spree, adding as many as 10,000 assembly line jobs per week in Zhengzhou, its major iPhone production facility.

Report: Steve Jobs worked on the iPhone 5S and beyond

I think many people, no matter how they feel about Apple or its products, will agree that Steve Jobs was one of the most influential people in all of the technology industry.

Apple iPhones are easy to hack

For years, Mac lovers could smugly poke fun at Windows users and their disease ridden PCs. Apple was much safer they claimed, and they were right. However, Apple gear wasn't safer because it was designed to be safer, it just wasn't as popular and hackers couldn't be bothered coming up with exploits for a platform used by a handful of enthusiasts.

Apple snaps maps company up

In what the Wall Street Journal dubbed a 'map war', Apple has bought a Silicon Valley startup called WifiSLAM which suggests the company wants a hand building indoor mapping for iPhone users.

Adobe meets Apple in a muddy business

This week Apple made the surprise announcement that it was hiring its long running enemy Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch as vice president of technology. Industry watchers who have been following Cupertino's antics to kill off Flash on the internet were surprised.

Analyst: Samsung to overtake Apple with Galaxy S4

The battle is on between Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S4, as the two industry heavyweights battle it out with their respective mobile devices.

BlackBerry steals share from Google and Android

It is starting to look like the new Blackberry Z10 is clawing back customers that RIM lost to Apple and Samsung.

Early iPhone prototype: 5x7-inch display and serial port!?

An ancient Apple iPhone prototype from 2005 featured a massive 5x7-inch display, along with a number of connectivity options, including a USB port, ethernet jack and even a serial port.

Mozilla says Apple is too closed for iOS Firefox

It's an old argument, but one that certainly rings true for Mozilla. Meaning, Firefox won't be returning to Apple's iPad or iPhone anytime soon.

Marvel Unlimited hits the iPad and iPhone

Marvel has launched a new iOS app for the iPhone and iPad.

App analyzes urine - and, no, you don't have to pee on your phone

A new iPhone app analyzes the user's pee to diagnose a range of medical conditions.

Apple eyes low-cost iPhone for the masses

Apple is reportedly preparing to launch a low-cost iPhone later this year.

'Trick' allows access to locked iPhones

Apple's promising to fix a flaw, revealed in a YouTube video, that allows anyone with physical access to a device running iOS 6.1 to bypass the lock screen, which requires a four-digit PIN, and gain partial control.

iOS 6.1 flaw allows iPhone lock screen bypass

Apple has faced a number challenges over the last year related to software errors and flaws on its flagship iPhone. 

Chevy ready for Sonic and Spark Siri Eyes Free integration

Back in November of last year, Chevrolet confirmed it would be rolling out Apple Siri Eyes Free integration for its Sonic and Spark vehicles.

Report: 100 designers working on Apple's wristwatch device

Earlier this week, various rumors and reports claimed that Apple is currently testing a watch with a flexible screen.

Vine slapped with 17+ rating because of porn

Twitter's video sharing application for the iPhone known as Vine recently ran afoul of the censors over at Apple due to pornographic content uploaded by users of the app.

Apple is the largest mobile phone vendor in the US

Apple, propelled by its wildly popular lineup of iOS devices, became the largest mobile phone vendor in the United States during the fourth quarter of 2012, capturing a record 34% market share.

Apple patent outlines laser-powered depth perception system

A recently discovered patent application outlines an Apple-designed system that uses lasers and image sensors to facilitate a sense of depth perception.