T-Mobile unlikely to have iPhone 5

T-Mobile has issued a memo telling employees to "sell against the iPhone."

Consumers salivating for iPhone 5 over iPad mini

Of the new highly-rumored future Apple products, it's the new iPhone that most are looking forward to.

Here are the latest iPhone 5 rumors

Expect to see proprietary Apple maps and no built-in Youtube app when the next iPhone launches.

Nokia hints at Windows Phone 8 reveal next month

In line with previous reports, Nokia is tipping off that Windows Phone 8 will be officially unveiled early next month.

Report: Apple will unveil iPhone 5 on 9/12

One of the most cited Apple rumors so far this year is that the company will introduce the world to the new iPhone on September 12.

Video claims to show new iPhone design

Another day, and yes, there is yet another report-rumor about Apple's next-gen iPhone 5.

Next-gen iPhone could boast 4-inch display, 16:9 aspect ratio

The various rumors, reports and speculation about Apple's next-gen iPhone seem like a never-ending story.

Apple design head says "most important" project yet underway

The man in charge of Apple's industrial design says that what he's working on now has been the most significant project he's ever done.

Report: New iPhone, 7-inch iPad due late summer

The next generation iPhone and iPad will apparently be ready for consumers at the tail end of summer.

Apple takes legal action to obtain iphone5.com

Apple never had the foresight to register the domain iphone5.com, and is now taking strong measures to wrest it away from its current ownership.

How the iPhone 5 might only be 7.9mm thick

The next iteration of the iPhone is likely to be the slimmest one yet.

What will Apple launch in 2012?

A prominent industry analyst believes Apple will launch a redesigned iPhone 5 along with a potentially expanded iPad lineup in 2012.

Rumor: iPad 3 will be thicker than iPad 2

The next iteration of Apple's iPad tablet will lose some of its sexiness in favor of a higher-resolution display.

Report: Steve Jobs had a hand in iPhone 5

The iPhone 4S may not be the last phone that was designed in part by Steve Jobs.

Why Apple didn't launch the iPhone 5

Apple debuted its long-awaited, next-gen iPhone yesterday. But it wasn't the iPhone 5.

Sprint 'to have iPhone 5 exclusive'

Sprint's rumored to have bet the farm on the iPhone 5, committing to buy over thirty million of the devices.

iPhone 5 'pre-order' is a scam

Scammers are exploiting the excitement over today's iPhone 5 launch to spread malware via a fake email.

Apple's iPhone 5 event is today

After months of rumors and speculation, the day when Apple officially lifts the veil on the next iPhone is today.

AT&T Stores already getting iPhone 5 cases?

It looks like the next iteration of the iPhone is really getting close now, as AT&T Stores are reportedly beginning to receive their first iPhone 5 accessory.

Bloggers engineer detailed iPhone 5 'prototype'

Call it extreme fanboi-ism, or just dedication to duty - German bloggers have gone to the trouble of fabricating casing components from scratch to create their own mockup of the iPhone 5.