NFC pundit downplays iPhone 5

At least one player in the NFC world doesn't see the iPhone 5's lack of support as a huge deal.

Scratches are normal, Apple tells buyers

Let's hope that all the purchasers of the iPhone 5 like the distressed look: while users have been complaining of scuffs and chips, they've been told that it's all percently normal.

The iPhone 5 hits 5 million sales

Here's a shocker - the iPhone 5 is a bona fide hit.

Riot breaks out at troubled Apple supplier

Apple supplier Foxconn has been forced to shut down its Taiyuan factory in China after a riot involving 2,000 workers broke out late last night.

Apple's iPhone 5 outperforms Android Galaxy S III and RAZR M

Apple's recently launched iPhone 5 has outperformed Samsung's Galaxy S III and Motorola's Droid RAZR M in a series of benchmark tests.

A look inside the A6 chip powering the iPhone 5

Apple's indigenously designed A6 SoC apparently boasts "a very unique processor design," along with dual custom CPU cores and three graphics processor cores, most likely a PowerVR SGX 543MP3 running at 266MHz.

The iPhone 5 gets teardown treatment

It's iPhone 5 launch day, which means it's iPhone 5 teardown day.

AT&T expands LTE network

AT&T has added new cities to its 4G LTE network just in time for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 'costs Apple $207'

The iPhone 5 is costing Apple more to build than any model since the very first - but still hundreds of dollars less than the retail price.

The iPhone 5 vs. Windows 8

Comparing the iPhone and Windows 8 may seem somewhat odd. Nevertheless, it aptly showcases the vastly different strategies employed by Microsoft and Apple when it comes to promoting a flagship product.

AT&T says iPhone 5 sets new sales record

AT&T says the new iPhone 5 has set a new record, becoming the fastest-selling iPhone that the company has ever offered.

Yahoo staff given free iPhone 5s

Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer is giving every staffer at the company an early Christmas present - an iPhone 5, or other smartphone.

Confusion reigns over Apple's iPhone 5 processor

A new report is claiming that Apple's recently unveiled iPhone 5 is actually powered by a custom ARMv7 core, rather than a design based on ARM's Cortex-A15 architecture.

iPhone 5 pre-order ship date slips two weeks

If you haven't already pre-ordered your iPhone 5, it's time to get out your sleeping bag and prepare to wait in line.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is here

Apple officially launched its long-awaited iPhone 5 this morning at an event in San Francisco, California. 

T-Mobile to go after iPhone owners

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Apple is just getting started with the iPhone 5

Apple is widely expected to unveil its long-awaited iPhone 5 on September 12 at an event in San Francisco, California. 

The iPhone 5 will have LTE

No one should be surprised by this latest iPhone 5 detail.

Apple iPhone 5 sales may hit 10 million in one week

Apple appears set to debut its next-gen iPhone at an event next Wednesday in San Francisco, California.

Sharp lags in iPhone 5 display production

The iPhone 5 might be facing a problem in the supply chain.