Why Apple didn't launch the iPhone 5

Apple debuted its long-awaited, next-gen iPhone yesterday. But it wasn't the iPhone 5.

Samsung wants to ban iPhone 4S

We can't pretend to be surprised by this, but Samsung has already begun a legal process to try to ban sales of the newly announced iPhone 4S.

Apple touts iPhone 4S

Apple debuted its long-awaited iPhone 4S at a crowded media event today in Cupertino, California.

Report: Cheaper, 8 GB iPhone in the works

In addition to the new, updated iPhone sure to be announced any day now, there will be a smaller, cheaper model making headlines soon as well.

Latest Report: iPhone 5 on October 7

Take it for what it's worth, but the latest speculation puts the iPhone 5 on store shelves beginning October 7.

Rumors point to an 'iPhone 4S'

We may see an incrementally upgraded iPhone 4 before Apple stamps the number '5' on a new phone.